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This month I recommend going through your kids toys, and getting rid of or fixing up the ones that are not played with.

or if you are just wanting some home decor inspo for your home then make sure to check this out.

How I took this dated typical Barbie house that the owner didn’t want to play with anymore and made it into this…

Isn’t it so cool?!?

today I am going to show you how I transformed this house, and hopefully also inspire you with some transformations for your own home.

First things first, to fix up a Barbie house I recommend taking it apart and repairing all of the imperfections.

most every house that I have restored has bees cracked on the base, so I apply a glue and clamp it tightly.

This is the adhesive that is used for this one and it worked great.

Have you seen all of the new modern homes being built with black doors and window trims?

I think it is absolutely beautiful so I am taking off all of the doors, windows, and railing to give it a whole new look.

These little shutters are going to look so great with a fresh coat of paint, I also recommend wiping them down after removing them.

Now that everything has been removed and cleaned I placed everything on a tarp so I can start spray painting it.

I always get asked if I spray or roll paint the walls, I have done both and they both work great.

this time I am going to spray the walls a fresh coat of white.

When deciding on paint, I like to think of what I want in my own house and right now white walls seem to be pretty popular.

Now that the walls and flooring are all done, it is time to re-assemble the house.

Have you ever set up one of these houses, they are kind of a pain now just imagine setting one up without the instructions.

It’s all starting to come together, and don’t the black accents looks so fresh!

As for the kitchen area, I have added a faux tile to go from the counters to the ceiling.

What do you think of the shiplap wall??

Would you believe me if I told you it was just permanent marker 😝

yep, I even have the same one in my bedroom with marker!

This has to be my favorite part, everything is put back together and I can decorate.

Remember this is what we started with

And this is what I did to it.

this Is definitely a house that most any kid would want to play with now, I even try to add little details like plants, rugs, artwork and wall accents to make it just like a real home.

For the outside balcony I even made a layering rug and door mat.

(ps try this on your own porch if you haven’t already)

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also the prices on these can vary widely, depending on how bad of shape they are in and what all you want done to it.

the most expensive part is adding furniture and decorations.

Suggested materials:
  • Paint   (Local hardware store)
  • Flooring   (Check out this Idea List on Amazon: Dollhouse by Brianna https://www.)
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  • Colleen Zorn Tremblay Colleen Zorn Tremblay on Apr 25, 2023

    Wow 🤩 I love the transformation it looks fantastic! Is the After product still fashion doll/Barbie doll scale (1/6)? You’re furniture looks so good and you managed to get a lot in there, so just wondering 😀

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