Dream catcher

This is my first attempt at making a dream catcher. I didn't want it to look like all the others I've seen or that my daughter has. It's not completely finished yet, so I'll post more when I finish.
Made from a 12" quilting hoop. Then wrapped with brown suede/leather ribbon, that I had left from Bible school probably 10 yrs ago.
4 colors of floss
So far I just have 1 tail made from misc. beads (some had such tiny holes, I had a hard time stringing them) from my daughter's broken necklaces.
This is at the bottom of the tassel. Sorry it's backward, but it does say Jesus.
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  • Gloria M Gloria M on Jun 28, 2012
    Looking forward to seeing your dreamcatcher. It is one of my projects for later on. I have seen some very pretty ones and I want to try my hand at it when I get some free time.

  • Terri J Terri J on Jun 29, 2012
    I have one made by the indians, and yours does look a little different. I hope it catches all your dreams and make them come true!