Easy DIY Kids Book Storage Bin

3 Materials
4 Hours

While I was on maternity leave and feeling like I needed to do something creative or I might just die in the neverending eat-sleep-changepoopydiaper cycle, I came up with this quick, cute DIY kids book storage bin in my head and brought it to life during a week’s worth of nap time.

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First, make your cuts

Here’s a guide for the measurements and how to cut them to maximize space on your plywood piece.

Pre-paint (depending on your design)

I pre-painted all my inside pieces because I knew I wanted the rainbows on the inside panels and didn’t want to endure the hand cramps of trying to do it while it was in cube form.

I did a couple coats of the white paint over the tops, bottoms and sides of each piece, then once that dried I set aside the front and back piece, the two side pieces, and the two dividers. I didn’t initially paint the outside white because I knew I would be adding wood filler over the seams and screws then sanding them down, so at this point only the inside-facing pieces were painted.

Assemble it all

Lay your bottom piece down flat and hold the two side pieces on either end butting up against that bottom piece. Put some wood glue along the seam where the two pieces connect and screw them in place from the outside of the smaller side piece into the bottom piece.

Put your long front and back pieces in their place so they sit between the two short side pieces and on top of the long bottom piece. Again, use wood glue and throw in a couple of screws from the underside of that bottom piece and into the long plywood pieces.

Next, add some wood filler to all the visible outer seams, which will be along the bottom at the front and back, and over all the screw holes. Once that’s dried, give it a quick sand and paint the outside pieces.

The type of legs you buy will determine how they’re installed, but I just lined mine up on the corners and used wood glue then screws from the inside of the box down into the legs.

Add dividers

There’s an 11-inch gap for each section, but you’ve got to account for the 0.75-inch thickness of each of the plywood pieces.

So, starting from the left side of the box, measure 11 inches from the inside edge of the outside panel in toward the middle of the box and make a small mark in pencil. Slide in your divider piece, making sure you’re keeping that 11-inch space.

Do the same from the right side of the box, and you’ve got your two dividers that are making three sections.

Give it some sealant

You know there will be some grubby little hands grabbing for books to read and scuffing up your handiwork, so give the whole thing a couple of coats of polycrylic which will make it easier to wipe clean.

Add some books... and you're done!

It’s such a cute little piece for a kids’ room, nursery or playroom and can be customized in so many ways. Plus, it can fit lotssss of books for your little reader!

If you’re looking for a way to use up your leftover plywood from your DIY kids book storage bin,  try this scrap wood boot tray.

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Suggested materials:

  • Plywood 4'x4'
  • Paint
  • Paint brush

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  • Happy Days Hometalker Happy Days Hometalker on Sep 26, 2020

    So very cool, all 3 of my boys had enough books to start our own good sized library, we could have used your storage bins back in the day, nice solution, the bins look sturdy and you can upcycle them when your kids don't need them, very nice indeed !

  • Lilith A. Bunni Lilith A. Bunni on Sep 28, 2020

    So cute! I can imagine all kinds of little projects for this design. I bet our kittens would just love sleeping in this 😅