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Y’all know that I love to upcycle and recycle EVERYTHING, so I am excited to share an Easy Recycled Sensory Bottle with a FREE Printable. Something new around here is the word search puzzle with fun doodled ocean creatures. Hope you like it!

A FREE Printable Word Search and Coloring Page with an Easy Recycled Sensory Bottle

To begin the Easy Recycled Sensory Bottle, gather all supplies. Remove the labels from the plastic container, then wash and dry completely.

Secure any lid flaps with E6000 Adhesive which is clear and provides a permanent bond to all types of materials including plastic.

Insert three or four of the plastic animals in the bottom of the bottle.

Remove the screw-tight lid from your bag of Poly-Fil® Poly-Pellets® from Fairfield World™. Pour approximately one inch of Poly-Pellets® into the recycled bottle using the convenient spout.

Poly-Fil® Poly-Pellets® from Fairfield World™ are plastic beads that are normally used to create bean bags but work perfectly for this sensory bottle project.

Continue to layer Poly-Pellets® and plastic animals, leaving about an inch open at the top of the bottle.

Once you are pleased with the number of animals to Poly-Pellets® ratio, secure the plastic lid to the bottle with E6000 Adhesive, then let cure overnight.

Leave enough room in your bottle so that you can shake the plastic animals to the surface. If you fill the bottle up completely, then the animals will remain buried forever.

Once the E6000 has cured, decorate the lid with colorful washi tape in patterns of your choice. I, of course, selected rainbow-inspired washi tape.

To finish the Easy Recycled Sensory Bottle, punch a circle from decorative paper that is just a little bit smaller than the diameter of the plastic lid. Write on the tag what is in the Sensory Bottle, in case you make more than one. Attach the tag to the lid with Tombow Xtreme Adhesive, which is 5 times stronger than regular adhesive runners.

I hope you will use my Easy Recycled Sensory Bottle as a jumping-off point to showcase YOUR earth-friendly craftiness. Grab some items from the recycle bin and set the kiddos free to just create!

Download the FREE Printable Ocean Life Word Search and Coloring Page Thanks for stopping by! And stop by for the complete list of materials needed! Creatively, Beth

Suggested materials:

  • Poly-Fil® Poly-Pellets® from Fairfield World™
  • E6000 Adhesive from Eclectic Products
  • Tombow Xtreme Adhesive
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