Easy Upcycled Cake Lid to Harvest Planter Using Dollar Tree Items

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Today I'm going to share with you a quick and easy DIY planter from upcycled cake lid using humble Dollar Tree items. It's appropriate for fall, harvest, or any season. This would also be a great addition to a farmhouse home décor aesthetic.

Here is the video link for the full tutorial.


Upcycled planter

This is the upcycled planter we are going to make!


Cleaning the plastic cake lid

1. Clean

First, I cleaned one of the plastic cake lids, which is sturdy and strong.


Plastic champagne glasses from Dollar Tree

These champagne glasses are from Dollar Tree. They will act as a pedestal.

White acrylic paint

2. Paint

Next, I took some Crafter's Square white acrylic paint from Dollar Tree and painted a couple of coats on both the cake lid and champagne glass.

Gluing twine to the scallop details

3. Add twine

After the paint dried, I took jute twine and stuck it on the scallops of the cake lid using hot glue.

Braiding jute twine

Also, I braided the jute twine and stuck the braided jute to the base and top of the cake lid using hot glue.

Twisting the jute around the base stem

I also twisted the jute around the stem of the champagne and burlap ribbon around the lip of the champagne glass.

How to make a DIY harvest planter

This is how it looks after the jute twine is stuck!

Sticking the base to the planter

4. Stick the base to the planter

Next, I stuck the base of the champagne glass using hot glue.

Upcycled planter

This is how it looks after the champagne glass is stuck on as the pedestal.

Farmhouse-style planter

The beautiful farmhouse-style planter is ready to be dressed up!


Fall harvest planter

Fall harvest planter

I love the final result of this fall harvest planter. This can be a beautiful addition to your home this fall or any season! I hope you will enjoy it as well! 

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And this way, we can repurpose the used plastic cake lid to prevent landfill waste and keep the environment cleaner. Go Green! :)

If you are interested to watch for more ideas on my YouTube channel Sun's Arts, here is the link - https://www.youtube.com/c/sunsarts

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Suggested materials:
  • Cake Lid   (Free)
  • Champagne glass   (Dollar Tree)
  • White Acrylic Paint   (Dollar Tree)
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