5 Easy Embroidery Hoop Crafts to Try For Unique Home Decor

Have you ever looked at an embroidery hoop and thought, "There's more to life than just stitching?" Well, you're right! In this guide to embroidery hoop crafts, we'll show you how to use this versatile tool to make DIY home decor.

So, grab your embroidery hoops, and let's get crafting! We can't wait to see what you create.

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What is an embroidery hoop?

An embroidery hoop is a tool essential for hand embroidery. It consists of two circular rings, one slightly larger than the other.

The fabric is placed between these rings and tightened with a screw mechanism on the outer ring. This keeps the fabric taut and smooth, which is crucial for creating even stitches and preventing wrinkles or puckers in your embroidery project.

Of course, here at Hometalk, we use embroidery hoops for all kinds of crafts!

Caydo 6 Pieces Embroidery Hoop Set

Caydo 6 Pieces Embroidery Hoops

Embroidery hoop sizes & shapes

Embroidery hoops come in a surprising variety of shapes and sizes!

The most common shape is round, with sizes ranging from tiny 1-inch hoops for jewelry to large 12-inch (and even bigger) hoops used for quilting. For stitching comfort, the 6- to 8-inch range is a popular choice.

Embroidery hoop sizes

Less common, but available, are oval and square hoops. These can be useful for specific projects where you want the fabric to match the shape of the design. Ultimately, the best size and shape depend on your project and personal preference!

Caydo 3 Pieces 3 Sizes Oval Embroidery Hoops

Caydo 3 Pieces 3 Sizes Square Embroidery Hoops

Where to buy embroidery hoops

Craft stores such as Michaels and Joann Fabrics will stock embroidery hoops, as will local haberdasheries, yarn stores, or embroidery specialist shops. For simple crafting needs and the best value, we recommend Amazon.

How to use embroidery hoops in home decor

Of course, embroidery hoops can be used for so much more than embroidery! Our Hometalkers prove that you can really get creative when it comes to embroidery hoop crafts.

Here are 5 of our favorite ways to use embroidery hoops and some example projects of each:

1. Embroidery hoop centerpiece

First up, Instagrammer Savithri from All things beautiful demonstrates how to make a festive embroidery hoop centerpiece using broken or leftover Christmas ornaments:

Bella of Bella Branch DIY also has a festive embroidery hoop centerpiece project, though hers could be used for various seasons:

2. Christmas ornaments

Sticking with the festive theme, you can also make Christmas ornaments with mini embroidery hoops, such as these by Chickie W.U.:

Mini embroidery hoop ornaments by Chickie W.U.

Similarly, Judy Tosh crafted embroidery hoop Christmas ornaments using old neckties:

Embroidery hoop ornaments by Judy Tosh

Aoibrloy 12 Pieces 3 Inch Embroidery Hoops

3. Light fixtures & chandeliers

Outside of the holidays, one creative way to use embroidery hoops is to make DIY light fixtures. Check out this lamp by Mitch Couch made from paint sticks and an embroidery hoop:

Blogger Houzewize.com uses an embroidery hoop to create a DIY drum lampshade from her bedroom:

This cute fringed boho chandelier was created by Rachel Metz, who used tiered embroidery hoops of different sizes:

Embroidery hoop drum lampshade by Houzewize.com

You can even use this DIY drum lampshade technique to cover up an existing chandelier, just like Renee Coleman Roberson did:

Blogger Cindy @ Upcycle Design Lab crafted this lamp using clay appliques, guitar pick shapes cut from spare plastic, jump rings, and an embroidery hoop:

DIY lamp by Cindy @ Upcycle Design Lab

Alternatively, you can craft chic outdoor globe lights for your deck or patio, just like blogger Pamela of DIY vibes did with solar lights and embroidery hoops:

DIY globe lights by Pamela - DIY vibes

4. Wall art

You can also use embroidery hoops to craft circular wall art. For example, vlogger Tresha Armstrong used two embroidery hoops of different sizes, some popsicle sticks, and a circular mirror to make this decorative mirror piece:

Embroidery hoop mirror by Tresha Armstrong

Tresha also has another project where she uses embroidery hoops and pizza pans to create a unique piece of abstract wall art:

Embroidery hoop wall art by Tresha Armstrong

An embroidery hoop, as well as some clothespins and paper templates, were used to create this DIY sunburst mirror by AvantiMorocha.

You could even use an embroidery hoop as a base for a DIY dreamcatcher, as shown by ForRent.com:

DIY dreamcatcher by ForRent.com

5. Other home decor

You can also think completely outside of the box like vlogger Lindsay, who made a DIY baby mobile using an embroidery hoop:

And for something completely different, how about this wine cork coaster (held together with a mini embroidery hoop) by Sandra Allen?

DIY wine cork coaster by Sandra Allen

More embroidery hoop crafts

Do you enjoy embroidery? Or have you used embroidery hoops in your craft projects? Share your ideas and recommendations in the comment section below:

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