Fake Flower Crafts: How to Get The Designer Look For Less

Are you itching to revamp your living space but hesitant about the cost? Then you need to have a look at these 3 fake flower crafts that turn ordinary artificial blooms into bespoke decor.

Infuse a touch of glamour into your home decor using a can of gold spray paint and faux flowers!

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Tools and Materials:

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Fake flower crafts with gold spray paint

To prepare the flowers for these crafts begin by cutting the stems of your fake flowers using scissors.

Decorating ideas with artificial flowers

Then, spread the blooms out and apply a light coat of gold spray paint to each stem. Layer the paint multiple times until you achieve the desired golden effect.

Turning ordinary blooms into elegant candle centerpieces

Candle and Flower Centerpiece

Candle and flower centerpieces

1. Glue Larger Blooms to Candlestick

Glue a couple of the larger painted blooms onto the side of a thin candlestick. Allow the glue to dry completely.

Unique candle holders with artificial flowers

2. Create a 3D Effect

Manipulate other blooms, leaves, and stems, and hot glue them onto the candlestick, ensuring some pieces stick out for a 3D effect.

Step-by-step guide for creating candle holders

3. Add Jute Twine for Flair

For added flair and support, wrap and knot jute twine at the connecting points of the candlestick.

Affordable home decor ideas using gold spray-painted faux flowers

4. Final Touch - Overspray with Gold Paint

Give the entire candlestick a light overspray with gold paint to achieve an elegant finish.

Faux blooms to fabulous decor

5. Display Your Gold Floral Candlesticks

Your gold floral candlesticks are now ready to grace any table in your home with their delightful and elegant presence.

Flower vase ideas

Flower Vase Ideas

Designing sophisticated artificial flower vases

1. Prepare Mid-Size Blooms

Cut the stems of your mid-size artificial blooms to match the height of a glass vase with a curved neck.

Crafting stunning flower vases

2. Glue the First Stem

Hot glue one stem near the neck of the vase, ensuring a secure attachment.

Gold spray-painted flower vase projects

3. Add the Second Stem

Take another stem and glue it slightly lower than the first, allowing the leaves to overlap for a natural look.

How to hide exposed stem

4. Conceal Exposed Stems

To cover any exposed stems, cut random leaves from other stems.

Cover fake stems with gold leaves

Glue them directly onto the glass vase.

Decorative vase made from artificial flowers

5. Versatility in Display

Display your gold-flowered vase according to your preference, with or without fresh flowers.

Gold spray painted mini flower buds

Flower Design Bowl

Crafting a flower design bowl

1. Gather Small Blooms and a Glass Vase

For this DIY you will need small artificial blooms and a small round glass vase.

Flower design bowl

2. Apply Glue to Small Blooms

Apply glue to the stems of the small blooms and carefully attach them to the rim of the glass vase.

Artificial flowers DIY

3. Enhance with Natural Texture

For natural texture and to conceal any exposed stems, fill the vase with green moss. This not only adds visual interest but also hides the inner workings of your DIY project.

Fake flower decor ideas

4. Choose Your Display Location

Place your new gold-rimmed vase on a bookshelf, side table, or fireplace mantle.

More Flower Decor

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Gold spray-painted fake flower crafts

Fake Flower Crafts: High End Decor Dupes

With just a can of gold spray paint and some creativity, you can easily craft elegant decor pieces that rival high-end options.

Give these simple crafts with artificial flowers a try and let your home shine with affordable sophistication.

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