DIY Chic: How to Turn Fake Plants Into Stylish Accents

Who says fake houseplants have to be green to make a statement?

When I looked at my guest toilet, I knew it needed something bold and unexpected—a faux plant makeover was just the ticket.

Imagine a sleek, all-black plant highlighted with striking gold accents. Intrigued?

Let’s dive into this fun and unique craft where we turn an ordinary faux plant into a chic piece of art.

Gold accent fake plants

Tools and Materials:

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Clean the plant with alcohol

1. Prepare the Pot

First, give the plant a good clean with rubbing alcohol.

How to paint faux plants at home

Next, wrap the pot in masking tape.

My pot is matte black, which I want to keep in contrast to the high gloss black paint I chose for the actual plant.

Creating chic decor with fake plants

2. Set Up for Spraying

Set up a well-ventilated area to spray paint the artificial plant.

Make sure to protect your work area with a cover to catch any overspray.

DIY spray painted fake house plants

3. Spray Paint the Plant

Hold the can approximately 30cm from the surface and spray in steady, back-and-forth motions.

High gloss spray paint for faux plants

Turn the plant around and upside down to ensure everything is completely covered in black.

Leave to dry before applying a second coat if needed.

I used spray paint that includes primer. If you don’t have a paint and primer in one, use a surface primer before spraying your chosen color.

Decorative faux plant projects

5. Let it Dry

Once you have finished spray painting the fake plants, leave them to dry for at least 24 hours.

Black and gold artificial plant project

6. Highlight with Gold

Now that it’s dry, let's use a gold paint pen to highlight and outline.

Step-by-step guide to painting faux plants

I wanted the edges of each leaf to be gold, so I went ahead and did that.

I also highlighted the "gravel" by running the pen over the jagged edges and decided to line the veins of the leaves in gold as well.

Once the gold is dry, give it a spray of sealer to protect everything.

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How to spray paint artificial plants

Step-By-Step Guide to Spray Painting Fake Plants

And there you have it—a faux plant makeover that’s both stunning and easy to achieve. Who knew a bit of black paint and gold detailing could turn fake house plants into such eye-catching decor?

Fake plant transformation with black paint and gold accent

Now your guest toilet (or any room) can boast a piece that’s not just trendy but also uniquely yours.

So, grab those spray paints and get creative—your home is about to get a whole lot more stylish!

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  • Carol F Carol F on May 30, 2024
    What a transformation!I am not a fan of fake plants, but your spray paint and gold highlights are so cool!!