Geometric Cement Fruit Bowl

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Ok so I obviously have an obsession with cement and geometric things... With that being said I am adding to the collection today with a geometric cement fruit bowl. You can use the cement to make a standard bowl shape, but why not go for something a little more unique? With a couple of triangular cardboard cutouts and quick set cement you can make a fun and interesting fruit bowl too!
It almost looks like a paper sailboat or something. I love all the angles that you can see.
The cost listed is for the entire box of cement, but I only used maybe 1/4 of it and have some left for more projects!
-Rapid set cement
-Box cutter
-Water (not pictured)
STEP 1: Draw a grid of triangles on your cardboard with a 4" base and 4.5" sides. You can obviously make different shapes if you are going for something else or make the triangles bigger or smaller depending on what you are going for.
STEP 2: Cut out your cardboard shapes. I did mine as follows:
-1 full hexagon
-2 - 1/2 flat sided hexagons
-2 - 1/2 angle sided hexagons
-3 triangles
This might sound tricky, but honestly you can just cut your triangles out and tape them together in the shape of your choice.
You will need to slice through the top layer of your cardboard pieces on the angle lines you made so that you can bend the shape as needed.
STEP 3: Tape your cardboard pieces together in the shape of your desire making sure there are no cracks or creases.
STEP 4: Mix your cement as the box directs.
Pour the cement onto the bottom of the cardboard mold you constructed so that it is about 1/3" thick or so.
STEP 5: Wait for the cement to set a bit and then turn your shape on it's side so you can pour more cement into the mold. Be sure to pour 1/3" again. Allow it to start setting and then turn it again and pour more cement in the mold until the entire thing is covered in 1/3" cement.
STEP 6: Allow the cement to dry completely!
STEP 7: Cut the cardboard away from the cement and remove it and all tape that is attached.
STEP 8: Sand down any rough edges and all the sides so they are nice and smooth.
If there are any chunks missing or strange spots just mix up a bit more cement and patch them up and then sand them down once they are dry.
Wash off the piece from any dust before using it!
I might need to hit the edges with a sander a bit more, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with the turnout.
I may end up using this as a catch-all bowl, but all those colors do look pretty amazing in here!
You could make almost any shape you want for this piece!

Suggested materials:

  • Rapid set cement   (home depot)
  • Sandpaper   (lowe's)
  • Cardboard   (recycle)

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