Glitzy Soapdish (and Candle Holder)

2 Materials
30 Minutes
I always wanted to try making a glitzy soap dish. We are in a rented condo on vacation for a month. Two bathrooms — no soap dishes. So this was my chance.
I brought very few craft supplies with me, so I’m shopping locally on the Florida coast.
I bought a glass bowl and a candle holder at an Everything’s a Dollar souvenir shop. I cleaned off the (IKEA) label and polished the glass.
All shined up, and on top of postcards to give a different view.
All the supplies I used I bought locally , except I brought my own scissors. The glue gun and sticks were only $4 at Walmart. The two glass pieces, the candle, and the gold trim were only $4 at the Dollar store I mentioned.
Here’s a better photo showing the supplies. The platform is my handicap walker seat. There aren’t many unused surfaces in a condo!
I had to decide whether to glue the candle holder IN or ON the bowl. I decided to glue the candle holder on the bowl, creating two usable ends. This end has a razor in it, but that’s to show that a taper candle can still fit inside if I need an extra candle holder. You get a glimpse of the gold trim here.
This end shows my Glitzy Soapdish. I glued three rows of gold trim around the indentations of the candle holder, then another row around the seam where I glued the two pieces together. In the dish is the candle pretending to be soap, plus two bars of Neutrogena soap. And the hole for a taper candle is still on the bottom side.
Suggested materials:
  • Glass candleholder and bowl, candle, trim   (Everything’s a Dollar souvenir store $4)
  • Small hot glue gun with glue sticks   (Walmart $4)
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  • Wendy Wendy on Jan 10, 2018
    I love it! Simple and pretty!

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Jan 10, 2018
    Thank you! It sure brightens up the bathroom. I can take it home or donate it to a local church having a yard sale for their teen group. ☺️