Here is an awesome DIY project for you. It is a lovely gift...REDNECK WINE GLASSES!

LOL Buy a glass candlestick at the $$$store & glue it to a Ball Mason Jar. Ya gotta luv it!
I must be a redneck, cause I think that these are sensational!

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  • Donna Heagle Donna Heagle on Oct 20, 2017
    What's the best glue to use for this ?

    • Rik29402131 Rik29402131 on Nov 02, 2017
      Wow, I was thinking the same thing. Only thing I could come up with was epoxy if it plans on going through the dishwasher. Hot Glue would fail as would krazy glue unless you could find one for glass on glass use (good luck with that) Like I said, epoxy is the only thing I can come up with. Unfortunately, you'll also have to be prepared for it to dry with a yellowish tint too as most do today. Sad that the inventor couldn't be more specific.

    • Nicol Gaeta Nicol Gaeta on Jan 17, 2018
      E6000. It dries clear

    • Sandra Hale Sandra Hale on Feb 04, 2018
      You can purchase these already made from the dollar store in Canada!


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  • Mary Mary on Nov 29, 2017
    Thanks. !!!Have to try this. Yeah good for a candle decor arrangement too.

  • Dianne M Keller Dianne M Keller on Dec 25, 2017
    I think it would have been nice to actually see the DIY Video! Then we would know what glue to use!!! I love this idea!!!