How I Made Faux Peonies Out of Coffee Filters!

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May favorite flowers are peonies. It is a shame that they only bloom for a week or two each spring! I guess that's all flowers though.

If you want them as part of your home decor year round, you can buy fake ones but they are about $10 a stem! Sometimes I think they look fake.

So I came up with a way to make peonies out of coffee filters. They look amazing, a fun craft and CHEAP!

Coffee filters come in a pack of 100! I used about 15-20 for each flower.

The first thing you do is wet the filters and let them dry to smooth out the ridges and give them the crinkled look like petals.

You will also need something to poke through the center of the filters. I used a wire that I just looped at the top and folder over.

I liked the wire because it was thin enough to poke through the filters but also malleable.

The inner filters, I started off by scrunching them into a ball.

As I worked my way from the inside out, I started crumpling each filter less and less to give it an appearance of a blooming flower.

At the end this is what each flower looked like!

Another technique I tried was using watercolor paints and dissolving the paint in a cup of water then wetting the coffee filters in the tinted water in the initial step, to get colorful flowers!

This can go essentially anywhere! A bouquet as a centerpiece or placed around to give some additional dimension.

This is also a great craft for kids! You can also get creative and paint each petal.

I considered painting the outer petals red and blue but instead used little dollar store American flags for 4th of July decor.

Suggested materials:

  • Coffee filters   (grocery store)
  • Wire   (craft store)

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