How to Create "Aged" Farmhouse Tea Towels Using Coffee

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I recently purchased a set of farmhouse style tea towels from Amazon; and though I loved them, they were just too white and bright for my liking. I love a worn, vintage feel; and figured I could create that look using coffee.

When I tried, it worked!! They really do look aged now! I'm going to show you how easy it is to create an aged look using your leftover coffee and grounds!


You will just need a pot of coffee, and the grounds you used, to make it! Make sure to have a bowl ready to mix your towels.

I just used the grounds I made my morning coffee with! It was that easy!

I poured the pot of coffee into a bowl and mixed my grounds in as well.

I placed a towel into the bowl. I did not wash the towel before; but did saturate it in warm water first.

I then mixed the coffee and grounds into the towel

I fully submerged the towel into the coffee for about 1-2 hrs. You can always leave longer as well.

After removing the towel from the coffee, I rinsed well with warm water. I did not wash the towel in the washing machine, as I don't plan to use it for anything but display.

I cannot guarantee the color with stay if washed in machine. Just rinse thoroughly, throw in the dryer, and iron.

That's it!

This is a comparison of the coffee stained towels vs the white original ones.

I love the aged look the coffee gave them!

Suggested materials:

  • Tea towel   (
  • Coffee

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  • Poetart Poetart on Aug 07, 2021

    An important secret to maintaining a dyed item is HEAT SETTING! I did not learn how important a difference this was for over a decade. Depending upon a shrink factor with the fabric used, higher heat the better! Since Only natural fibers & nylon will truely take dye well. Polyester blends may take on a tint. Anything you dye, ink, use markers, paint (even fabric paint), or color ( how batiking is done), should all be set by heat! Highest dryer setting & iron setting, always use paper or press cloth for first time, or two.

  • Linda McKeller Linda McKeller on Aug 08, 2021

    Definitely gonna try this one! How much easier can it get for such a great outcome?!!