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Is your wrapping paper too small for that huge box that you need to gift wrap? Here's a solution for how to wrap a present that will cost you $1.

Regular gift wrap isn't long enough.

Do you have to awkwardly cobble together sheets of gift wrap to cover that enormous box? Tired of substituting the Sunday comics? Don't despair.

Here's the solution.

Dollar tree has plastic tablecloths in different sizes and designs. Birthday party? Got it. Baby shower? Ditto. Just grab the one you like and fork over $1 (plus tax) at the register.

Uh-oh, too much.

This tablecloth is waaay too big, but I wanted to use the whole thing so the recipient could use it as a tablecloth after the gift was unwrapped. You can cut it if you want to, but I just folded it to the appropriate size.

Almost there...

Wrap it as neatly as you can. If you want the recipient to be able to use it again, use a tape like a painter's tape that will come off easily. If saving the wrap is unimportant, you can substitute a fancy tape.

Aaaand done!

Please...use a nicer tape! But you get the idea. Better yet, it's waterproof, reusable, unique, easy and cheap.

Suggested materials:
  • Plastic tablecloth   (Dollar Tree)
  • Painter's tape   (Hardware store or your own garage)
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