How to Make a Unique Homemade Lamp | A Quick and Easy DIY Project

Tired of the same old lighting fixtures? Shake things up with a DIY project that's sure to impress!

Learn how to make your own DIY lampshade from a wire trash basket and zip ties in just a few easy steps.

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Tools and Materials:

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Unique DIY lighting

1. Prep the Basket

Find a cheap wire trash basket from a dollar store.

A wire trash basket being spray painted silver

Spray paint both the inside and outside of the basket with metallic silver paint. This will give your homemade lamp a sleek, modern look.

Cutting a hole in the bottom center of the basket

2. Create the Base

Now, flip the basket over and, using scissors, carefully cut a small hole in the bottom center of the basket, using the napkin ring as a guide.

Create a stylish homemade lamp using zip ties and feathers.

Attach the napkin holder to the inside of the hole with hot glue.

Handcrafted lampshade inspiration

You can now stick a battery-operated puck light onto the napkin holder.

If you want to use a wired bulb instead, just pop a second napkin ring inside the basket with some flexable wire.

Wire trash basket lamp DIY

Secure it in four spots around the basket. Then, you can easily screw your bulb into your handmade lampshade.

Attaching silver zip ties to the bottom of the wire basket

3. Assemble the Zip Tie Cover

Now it’s time to decorate the basket with zip ties. I wanted a two-tone effect, so I chose silver and white zip ties.

Budget-friendly home decor

Start attaching the silver zip ties from the bottom of the basket, covering the whole lower section.

Attaching white zip ties to the middle and top sections of the lampshade

Move on to the middle and top sections, attaching white zip ties to create depth and texture.

Once the structure is complete, fill in any gaps with additional zip ties to make the lampshade fuller.

DIY lighting projects

4. Add Feathers

For added texture, adhere a few feathers to the zip ties with hot glue.

Looking for more lampshade inspiration?

Get inspired by this Lampshade Makeover project and give your lampshade a fresh new look with straws!

Homemade decor ideas

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Homemade Lamp and Zip Ties Tutorial

With your DIY lamp complete, it's time to sit back and revel in the satisfaction of a job well done.

Whether it's in your living room, bedroom, or office, your unique creation is sure to spark conversation and admiration.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Cass Harris
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  • Susan Tippy Susan Tippy 6 days ago
    That’s absolutely beautiful. Awesome job
  • Leslie Leslie 6 days ago
    Hi Cass, I have seen these lamps in different ways and I think yours would look better on a candlestick base. Good job on your hard word, :)