How To Make Christmas Flowers!

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Who wants to make paper Christmas flowers?.. Get those hands up! Here is a fun and kinda-sorta easy way to make paper flowers for Christmas decor.
Let's start!
You'll need "brown flower arrangement wire" for the leaf and petal veins and an all-purpose, quick drying, liquid (not gel) superglue to glue down the veins. A long pushpin comes is super handy for unclogging the superglue nozzle.
Hot glue works too, but in my experience leaves the veins looking puffy.
*I paint all of my leaves the base color before I superglue on the veins. The superglue will dry around the veins plastic looking, so I add my detail colors over the dried glue. I do this, so I don't need to paint the veins brown again.
These are the wires for the front and back of one leaf.
These wires are really easy to work with!
I used 0.19mm (0.0075in) white paper for the leaves and flowers. I didn't trace or draw any pattern first. These shapes are pretty easy to cut, so just grab your scissors and go bananas!
Put the wires on the front and back of the leaf and tightly twist all of the ends including the bottom.
I glue my cutouts on top of parchment paper (baking paper). The superglue occasionally sticks in spots, but pulls of easily. Your going to glue under all of the wire and extra on all of the ends.
The extra wire is easy to cut off with scissors!
I put another piece of parchment paper on top and then add a piece of plywood and some kind of weight. I used bottled water as my weight. :) This assures that everything glues down tightly.
You'll flip the leaf over and glue the other side too. The glue I use dries in about 5 minutes.
Here is my drying process.
Parchment paper-leaf-parchment paper-wood-weight.
I usually make all of my cutouts at once. I make around 5 leaves and 8 petals.
I live in Japan, so all of the paint I use is local. Any acrylic craft paint will work well on this craft.
I use a hairdryer to dry the paint on these. From scratch to finish, I can cut, glue and paint the leaves and petals for one flower in about 90 minutes.
I found these thing-a-ma-doodles at the Japanese dollar store. I guess they're called "ball picks!" I use these for the center of my flowers.
I use glitter glue and then sprinkle glitter onto the glitter glue.
The glitter glue I use has a nice little nozzle making it really easy to draw with. The glitter glue takes about 24 hours to dry.
Twist all of the petals and leaves together using extra wire to make it all tight.
These leaves and petals are bendable, but too much bending will crack the paper.

Suggested materials:

  • White paper
  • Superglue
  • Flower arrangement wire
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