How To Make Concrete Looking Boho / Farmhouse Beads Using Clay & Paint

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I love bead strands. They can go with just about any style and there's so many ways to create them and get different looks 😍

For this project, I wanted a strand that could go well with both my farmhouse style and boho style decor.

*I refinish furniture for a living and home decor is extremely important when it comes to staging and photographing a piece for sale. Creating pieces that can be used with different styles of furniture is a must for me!

*Time listed includes dry time, actual work time is minimal.

*Price listed is an estimate for the cost of the amount of product used, not the initial cost of the product.

*At the bottom of this tutorial, I have listed both the wood bead strand (spread across the surface) tutorial as well as the bowl vase (what the greenery and clay beads are in) tutorial in case you're interested in creating the entire look in the photo below

For this first step, you'll need

• Air Dry Clay

• Thin wooden dowel or skewer

Depending on the size of string you want to use will determine the size of dowel or skewer you'll need.

I strung my beads onto 2mm cotton string, so I was able to useba typical wooden skewer

Take a chunk of clay roughly the size of bead you'd like to make. Squish it in your hands to warm it up a bit. Then, roll it into a ball.

Continue making as many beads as you'd like making sure they are as close to the same size as possible

If you see unwanted cracks, place a very small amount of clay over it, wet your finger with water and smooth it out. You'll notice that by adding water, you can get a smoother surface

Take your skewer or dowel and poke it right through the middle of the bead

Allow the beads to dry for a day or two. You'll know they're completely dry by the hardness...if they have any squish to them, they aren't dry in the middle.

Once dry, you may see some unwanted cracks. If so, do the same thing as before...add a very little amount of clay over the crack, wet your finger, and smooth it out. This thin layer will only take 30-60 minutes to dry

Using the medium gray paint, paint all of the beads. Don't worry about getting even coverage, just make sure that none of the clay is showing. The more uneven the paint job is, the more like concrete it will look

For paint, I used these brands/colors which can be found in my Etsy shop, linked at the end of the tutorial

•Frenchic Furniture Paint in Greyhound (medium gray)

•Frenchic Furniture Paint in Spitfire (light gray with beige tones)

•Frenchic Furniture Paint in Loof (black)

Put just a bit of the light gray paint on the flat side of the makeup sponge, then dab most of it off onto a paper towel. Then, dab it onto the beads all over

Then repeat this with the black, only add very little paint to the beads. It's just an accent color.

You can also go back and dab on some of the medium gray if they are too light or if you add a bit too much black

Now stain the wooden beads. These are an accent to the clay beads, so use a color that contrasts well

I used Dark Walnut by Minwax

Apply the stain to the beads and then wipe off the excess stain and allow to dry for about 30-60 minutes

Cut the string to the length you prefer and make a knot at one end leaving an inch or two (to tie with the other end)

Then, take a piece of electrical tape and tightly wrap the other end of the string. This allows you to easily string the beads.

Start adding the wood and clay beads in any pattern that you prefer.

After you've strung all of the beads, tie another knot at the end to keep the beads from moving.

Then tie the two ends together to make a circle and cut off the extra string

Now, decorate with it as you like 😍

Tutorial On Wood Bead Garland

Tutorial On Bowl Vase

I absolutely love the layered and textured look of these beads

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoy making these fun beads! 💖

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