How to Quickly Age Your Pots

3 Materials
4 Hours

My mum's home has this really nice decorative items lying around. Most of the items in my home are from my mum's home and I am thankful that she gives them to me freely. Now when I picked this two items, I wasn't sure what I was to use them for especially the broken table lamp. I picked this items earlier this year around March and they I had just placed them on the corner since they weren't my style and I was wondering how I was going to DIY them to suit my home decor. Until last week, I love aged decor, it gives a statement in the house. So that is exactly what I did with the table lamp and the vase. I am super happy with the outcome

The Table Lamp
The Vase

So the first step to this DIY aged project was to paint the vase and the table lamp to the idle color. My idle color was black to suit the decor in my house

The next step was to then let the paint dry. Once the paint dried, I took dirt and mixed it with small amount of water to make it just a little bit wet. Once I did the mixture, I then apply the wet dirt all over the vase and the lamo

This is how the vase and lamp looked once applied. I then waited for it to dry for at least an hour

So, once it dried, I then took a dump piece of cloth and started wiping the dirt all over. Unfortunately I did it with a dump cloth because the dirt had dried for over an hour and it was a bit hard to remove. Good thing I however achieved what I wanted. Once I removed the dirt, I slightly painted the vase and lamp with minimal paint and added dried dirt then removed it all over again

Guys, I just can't express how in love I am with this project. Something that would have costed me so much money costed me paint only. Now I need to find a good electrician who can fix the lamp and some olive brunch for the vase and I am good to go.

Suggested materials:

  • Pots
  • Paint
  • Dirt/Sand

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