I've Been Punked! (Plain Jane Frame Get's Steam Punked)

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As I've mentioned before, in another post, friends of ours just moved into their new home (referenced in my post "Pretty in Pink" seen here: http://www.hometalk.com/30273365/pretty-in-pink-hug). I had already surprised the lady of the house with a housewarming Keurig stand (I opened her coffee world up when she came to my house and used a Keurig for the first time.... she drank 6 CUPS!LOL, she is already a 'firecracker' so she was wired for sound!! hahaha Thank goodness she did not choose the Starbucks, she may have gone into hyper drive! I'd love to harness her energy and use it to power my house! : ).
She purchased a brand new Keurig for herself , so I surprised her with a stand to hold her k cups : ) but her hubby does not drink coffee and I wanted to surprise him with a little something.
He loves all things industrial and steam punk. He is also a great fan of Bulldogs (he has owned three) and has a brand new rescue Frenchie named Frankie! What better than something that combines the two!? I found just the perfect thing in some 'bully' steam punk prints!! and promptly bought them.
But while I was looking , I came across another steam punk print, it is of a Pomeranian with a top hat and it looked just like mine and my hubby's pom Rascal!! OMG could it get any cuter!! I had to have it! Not to mention that my husband's nick name for Rascal is "The Punk" LOL! (Yes, he comes to the name....of course he also comes to 'butterbean', 'pipsqueak', 'crabby pants'... and alternately 'selectively hears' any one or all of them... )
The print (in this case) came beautifully matted in a flat black matt, but now I needed a frame...............I found just the ticket , also on Etsy.... to the tune of $100!! Whoa. Ok , so it might be worth the money, but seriously not going to spend that for a cute and wonderful, but nicely inexpensive print.... ok so what to do now?? hmmmmm That's right DIY of course!! I had a black frame just hangin out that I decided fit the ticket and here's how I made it fit the bill for the 'steam punk' look I was after.

Link to the Etsy store I got the print from: https://www.etsy.com/people/TheLaughingCatStudio

Here's where it all started.  I purchased the stencils on Amazon, chose one and taped it to the frame.  Now, I'll tell you that it would have been way easier to do this on a FLAT frame, but hey I'm up for a challenge right? and I had it on hand doing nothing, so I surged forward with a rounded style frame.   I got out my handy dandy wood icing and proceeded (messily) to put it on the stencil. (I did use random areas of both purchased stencils for this process)
I wanted 'raised' detail, so used the stencil and wood icing to make a mess... just kidding... lol  Ok so it was a bit messy, but it worked!!  I just placed random raised details around the frame.  Then the hard part.... waiting for it to dry over night.  Now, it does dry a bit faster depending on temperature and humidity, but I like to make sure before I go sanding on it and making a bigger mess!
Took 300 grit sand paper and smoothed out my now raised detail... Then painted the frame and details black.  I grabbed the Rub and Buff I had on hand and smeared it on over just the raised detail!  This is the stuff that is normally used to re-do metal hardware, but hey, no where in any of my posts have I claimed to be 'normal' LOL  I used the color oil rubbed bronze.
Here is the detail!! Exactly what I was going for!  (If I had bronze colored paint on hand, I most likely would have used the paint and dry brushed it on, so that would work too)
I then took my Fusion Mineral  paint in Brushed Steel and using both stencils once again, added more detail on top of the raised detail and at random areas of the frame. This time just using the paint.  (It is important to note here that you can mix the actual color with the wood icing and create raised detail in colors, but that was  not what I was going for here. and no I'm not affiliated with Wood Icing , I just love the stuff : )
Here's the detail of adding the silver .
Products I used in the process.  The Minwax furniture paste was used when all was dry to seal it.
Here's the finished product!!!  I'm really happy with how it turned out and it cost me 19 bucks! (two stencils, from amazon and the Folk Art black chalk paint in Rich Black, all other products I had on hand)
Here he is hanging on the wall.  I'm not always a steam punk fan, but I love this addition to my wall.
The 'Original Punk' dog that started it all   all he needs is a hat!

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