Mason Jar Chandelier

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In my head I envisioned a spectacular chandelier. Not quite sure if I met my expectation! But, using all the components it might give someone an idea to expand on.

I'm using my old canning pot for another project and when I took out the rack it inspired me to make a solar chandelier. I soaked it in vinegar and got a really rusty look.

I've had these vintage lavender mason jars forever (bought because of their color with no intention of canning!).

I was a bit confused on the 100 years and the dates being 1913-1915. This was explained on the packaging: Between 1913 and 1915 the Ball Bros. introduced the "Perfect Mason", the Perfection and the improved. Even though these jars were discontinued in the years after World War I, they never went out of use. That's why we're bringing them back as a celebration. These jars are a part of American history.

These are solar lights that fit on mason jars! You can get them in different colors for lights and rims.

I found a rusty chain to hand the rack from. I used zip ties and just centered the chains.

I also added some bling to the bottom with crystals. I forgot there were seven spots for jars. I only had six of the lavender so I found a quart clear jar and my plan was to buy another set of solar lights to match the silver. The jars kept tilting back and forth and something was missing (or I thought so).

I found a piece of thin tin. I was able to use garden shears to cut it. I cut two pieces to circle the outside and the inside of the jars.

No more tilting.

Something is still not quite right. I thought it might be the quart jar and I was going to make a mod podge wash of lavender and order more lights, but when I had the jar out I got a totally different idea.

With the quart jar gone, the pints looked so much better. Still needed "something" in the middle so I tried greenery and now I'm done.

I added two more blings on the chain. This may or may not be where I hang it; for now it fits with my other rust. Rusty-Organic with a bit of history and memories.

August update: I was not happy with my final ending so I did some tweaking. First I cut down the tin on the outside so I could see more of the lights in the jars. Then I ordered more bling and wove that around the outside of the rack and up the "arms" of the rack and into the chain securing with thin wire. I had a broken solar string that half of the lights lit up so I used it to go up the chain and around the inside of the middle tin. The greenery I used is falling apart so I added lavender roses to match the jars. The chandelier is hanging in my rose garden and is quite perfect now. Maybe.

I bought this roll of beads to use for about $12. There's plenty left for other projects.

View underneath at night.

(Please ignore the light to the left)

Suggested materials:

  • Mason jars   (TSC)
  • Solar lights   (Amazon)
  • Old canning rack   (on hand)
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