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Fairy lights are used to light up malls, trees, avenues and much more. But, fairy lights can also be around our homes creating a magical and soothing effect on ourselves and our guests. Below you can find some great ideas using fairy lights.

Want to try fairy lights in your home? You can get fairy lights right here.

I have a really cool DIY to show you. In this next photo, don’t judge this lonely ball all by itself. It's just to give you a drift of what is ahead.
I need to get you all revved up for this DIY. I know you would rather sit in your jammies and sip your coffee.
Yeah. I know how you roll.

I love Anthropologie's metalwork hurricanes...and realized just how easy it was to recreate it using repurposed materials!
Make sure you check out the full tutorial and blog post for all the details...including the CRAZY-easy hack I used to keep paint from getting on the interior glass!! read more...

I took advantage of the after Christmas sales and stocked up on icicle lights... then I nailed them across some exposed beams in our playroom to give the whole space a magical fairy-land appeal. Something about the little twinkling lights make the room feel peaceful and majestic. I think I Iove it as much as the kids! read more...

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