Mercury Glass Mason Jar

Lisa L Hall
by Lisa L Hall
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3 Hours

I've been wanting to try this painting method for a while and thought this would be a good time, with all the holidays approaching.

I always have mason jars in the house so it was my go to item for this cute candle holder.

This project takes less than 4 hours to complete and will be perfect for a last minute decoration for many holidays.

This project didn't cost me anything to do since I had everything on hand. I will put in the estimated pricing if you needed to purchase all of the items to compete this project.

Since I make jewelry I decided to add some of my gems and fun beads to the project. This step is not necessary as the candle holder looks really nice on it's own.

This technique will work with any type of glass so i'm sure there will be a lot of projects that can be done.

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This is all it takes to make this cute project. Vinegar, in a spray bottle, mason jar (or any other glass object) and looking glass spray paint.

I sprayed the bottle with the vinegar (not diluted) and then did very light coats of the glass paint. The glass paint dries very quickly so I was able to do three passes on the jar within 5 minutes. I let it set for about a minute then used a napkin to wipe off the vinegar. I wiped the vinegar off in an up and down motion. I'm sure you could do it in any direction and get a different pattern.

Once i wiped off the vinegar I let the jar set out for about 20 minutes. I think covered it with a clear gloss. If you don't use a clear coat or sealant of some type, the glass paint will come off on your hands as you handle the jar.

This is the finished project without any decorations...A little sisal or ribbon can be added if you want.

I added the sisal around the top with two rings so that I can change out bead decorations for each season. The sisal rope I used a hot glue gun to attach it. I did leave 2 inches of the rope unglued so I could move the rings if I needed to depending on the beads I'm adding. I added some Halloween beads to make it festive.The bead part of the project i did not add into the cost but if you are interested in how to do that part of the project or would like to know the cost of that type of addition, please feel free to ask.

Have fun with this. I can't wait to try other colors of metallic paints using the same technique.

This is a great gift idea too.

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Suggested materials:
  • Pint mason jar   (on hand)
  • Vinegar   (on hand)
  • Looking glass spray paint   (on hand)
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  • Beverly Beverly on Mar 27, 2019

    I do want to try this what kind of sealant do you recommend?

  • Mare Gray Mare Gray on Sep 04, 2021

    Is it just my computer but Why does it look like you sprayed the outside of the glass?

    The instructions on the spray can say to spray the opposite side (the inside) for the mirror affect to work (show) on the outside

  • Mare Gray Mare Gray on Sep 05, 2021

    Well maybe you can help me as your project is the closet thing I have found in my extensive research on how to fix my solar powered Cracker Barrel mason jar. I bought several of these years ago and rather expensive at 25 dollars a jar. Problem is they don't like the rain and the ones I had in the sun that got rained on had the mirror affect almost completely dissolve and I am trying to see how to fix them.

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