Michigan Rock Mandalas

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We live in The Great Lakes State of Michigan, and love collecting rocks & driftwood along the shorelines during our vacations..
Michigan rock collecting is a summer past time and a cheap souvenir..
Step 1. For rock painting, Smooth, Flat rocks work the best. I wash them in soapy water & let them dry.
Step 2. With Acrylic paints, I start with a dark circle. You could measure it out evenly. I just "eyeball it". Then a small, white dot in the very center starts the Mandala.
Step 3. Using a very fine brush, I start with small drops around the white, center dot. It helps to practice your dots on scrap paper a few times. It takes just the right amount of paint on your brush & a steady hand. It'll almost form droplets.
Step 4. Keep going around with small dots, then some larger, till it forms a pattern. You could draw out a specific design beforehand. I'll occasionally use a fine tipped sharpie pen for smaller dots. There are also paint pens, found at Joannes or Michaels. Find what works for you.
Step 5. After it dried, I brushed on a clear, top coat nail polish. You can also spray on a polyurethane sealant.
Step 6. On the underside, I write where it was found & the date. Helps remind us of the fun time we had.
I love mixing these in with the other rocks in my rock garden...
Vacation memories & keepsakes. You can gift to a friend that visited for that special trip.
Oops I see a spot I missed!
Suggested materials:
  • Rocks, Acrylic paints, Paint Brush, Fine tipped markers, Sharpies, Top Coat Nail Polish   (Lakes, & Beaches, Joannes, Michaels)
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