My Tree of Life

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I love love love tree's and here in the northwest we have many. I had my husband save this piece of glass for me. I knew I would use it someday for something. But at the time I didn't know what. So as I was cleaning and moving my crafty stuff into a new crafty spot I had all these supplies out and click......I knew what I was going to make using it.
Big piece of glass against the pole....And then the project began. I planned out my outline for the tree. Then I will glue the stones in place.
Moved the glass out so I could work on it. Gathered my supply of rocks and one by one glued them on using a clear waterproof silicone. i love the natural look of the rocks.
I chalked out a tree so I had something to follow. Using chalk it just wipes right off if you don't like how it turned out.
Done and sitting to dry. Doesn't it look magnificent?
My husband made this frame for me so now I can find a place to show off My Tree Of Life.
Suggested materials:
  • Rocks
  • Glass
  • Clear silicone
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  • Mary Howard Mary Howard on Aug 20, 2017
    Wow. Is this weather resistant?

  • Debra McMenamin Debra McMenamin on Aug 21, 2017
    I'm an avid rock collector and this looks amazing! I would love to put this outside as part of a flower garden. Would I need to add anything to protect it from the weather?

  • Debi Debi on Sep 04, 2017
    I love your tree. I have a large glass that went on a coffee table and I followed your instruction, it turn out great. Did you use any glaze on your rocks after you finish? I love my tree of life and my husband is going to make me a frame for mine. Thank you so much for sharing with us all Deborah Linn from Macon Georgia

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