Painted Books

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I have a ton of old text books from pharmacy school but I've never loved how they looked on my bookshelf because they’re all different colors. If you’re big into styling, like I am, you know this is the worst! I didn’t want to get rid of the books, so I decided to paint them to give them a more cohesive look.

For all you book lovers, don’t come for me!!! These are still usable - you know, for all those times I open my 5 year old pharmacy textbooks :p

What you’ll need:

old books


paint brushes

The process is really very simple. Just lay the books flat so you can paint the whole surface easily. If you have hard cover books, take off the sleeve first.

A tip to get the edges covered, without ruining the pages, is to lift the cover up and paint it while holding it.

Allow the books to dry, still laying flat. Then you’re set to style! I used a few different colors so they would still have some interest.

If you can’t stomach the thought of painting your books, you can also wrap them in contact paper or with wrapping paper. You can even write on the spines if you really want to! I decided to just keep mine simple.

This little trick allowed me to keep all of my old books on display, and now I actually like how they look! Much more cohesive and clean.

Suggested materials:

  • Old books   (Paint)
  • Brushes

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