8 DIY Pool Noodle Decor Projects For Your Home & Garden

Pool noodles aren't just for swimming anymore! This collection of tutorials by Hometalkers shows how to transform these colorful pool floats into a surprising variety of home decor items.

From picture frames and faux stone columns to playful rainbows and functional signposts, there's a pool noodle decor project here to suit every taste and skill level.

Dive in and discover how to create unique and affordable decorations for your home and garden!

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In The Swim Pool Noodles (40 Pieces)

1. Pool noodle frames

First up, this tutorial by Hometalker by Julien K shows how to create safe and affordable picture frames from pool noodles.

Pool noodle photo frame by Julien K

The pool noodle is cut into four pieces with angled cuts and then wrapped with decorative contact paper. The pieces are glued together to form a frame and are lightweight enough to hang with tape or command strips.

2. Faux stone column

This tutorial from Alicia W shows you how to create a decorative faux stone column using pool noodles.

DIY stone column made with pool noodles by Alicia W

Pool noodles are cut and adhered to a concrete form, then covered in texture spray and stone paint to create a realistic look. Wooden bases are attached to the top and bottom for stability.

3. Pool noodle rainbow

This tutorial by Selena75 shows how to make a colorful 3D rainbow decoration from pool noodles. First, cut colorful pool noodles in half lengthwise. These noodle halves are then hot glued together to create a rainbow arch.

For extra stability, the rainbow is then glued onto a pre-cut foam board base. You can optionally create tighter curves by gluing the other half of the noodles together, but the visual difference is minimal.

Pool noodle rainbow by Selena75

To complete the project, cut out cloud shapes from foam board and attach them to the ends of the rainbow. Finally, spray foam insulation on the entire project to create a 3D effect, and paint the foam white to give the clouds a realistic look.

4. Pool noodle signpost

This tutorial by Hometalker Theartge shows how to create a solar lamp post and a ground light out of a pool noodle, broom handle, solar lights, and wooden signs.

The pool noodle is painted black and inserted onto the broom handle, which is then stuck into the ground.

Pool noodle sign by Theartge

The solar light is attached to the top of the pool noodle, and a wooden sign with "STEP" written on it is attached to the ground light using glue and tape. This is a cheap and easy way to add light and a safety warning to your front porch.

5. Firework lights

In a similar vein, this tutorial by Chas' Crazy Creations shows how to make a red, white, and blue outdoor decoration for the 4th of July out of a pool noodle.

The pool noodle is wrapped with white athletic tape and blue duct tape to create stripes and a blue top. Star stickers are added for extra detail.

DIY firework lights for 4th July by Chas' Crazy Creations

Firework lights are inserted into the top of the pool noodle, and a broom handle is attached to the bottom to secure it in the ground.

6. Pool noodle planter

This DIY tutorial by Meredith of Arts & Classy shows how to create a large vase using inexpensive materials from the Dollar Tree.

Here's what you do: cut the handles off two buckets and glue them together base-to-base. Slice pool noodles in half lengthwise and hot glue them vertically around the outside of the combined buckets.

DIY bubble vase by Meredith - Arts & Classy

Fill any gaps between the noodles with caulk and let it dry. Finally, paint the vase white and then add a stone texture with spray paint.

7. Wall of succulents

This tutorial by Hometalker Holly Grace shows how to make a framed "wall of succulents" using pool noodles, faux succulent picks, and moss.

Here's how: first, remove the glass and backing from a picture frame. Paint the frame and cut pool noodles in half lengthwise to fit inside the frame. Glue the pool noodles into the frame and hot glue a piece of MDF board to the back.

Wall of succulents by Holly Grace

Then, cover the back of the frame with green fabric and staple it in place. Finally, glue moss and faux succulent picks onto the pool noodles to create a textured succulent wall.

8. Pool noodle cactus

This tutorial by Lily Ardor describes the process of making a giant, fake cactus out of pool noodles, a dowel rod, and a terra-cotta pot.

Pool noodle cactus by Lily Ardor

The pool noodles are secured into the pot with foam, shaped with a knife, and then plastered and painted. It's noted as a challenging project but significantly cheaper than buying a pre-made fake cactus.

More pool noodle decor

With a little imagination and the inspiration from these tutorials, you can craft everything from functional home decor to festive outdoor decorations.

So grab your pool noodles, explore these projects, and get ready to be amazed at what you can create!

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