Porch Light Cover to Home Decor Item

3 Materials
5 Minutes

On a trip to the Habitat for Humanity Restore, I came across this flat backed copper and wood light cover. I thought it was really unique looking and that it would make a fun wall hanging with a little addition of some sticks or a faux plant. So, I bought it. There is no maker’s name or label on it, so I don’t know where you’d get this particular fixture. However, any interesting looking item with an opening and a flat back would work if you wanted to hang it up. I actually ended up using it free standing against a wall because of the high dried stick things I used.

Simple home decor item

Here is the finished project, but I’ll show you how the parts looked before it got to this stage.

Sconce light cover

Here is the light cover thing. I just loved the wood with the copper going on. I didn’t even know what it really was when I bought it. I guessed it was some sort of cover because it had holes in the back, bottom and top. I just thought it was really unique.

Here’s the back view

As you can see, it has some small holes for screws and the large one in back. It also had a flat back so I figured it was supposed to go on a wall. It didn’t matter what it’s real function was supposed to be. I knew it was destined to become something else once my crafty hands got hold of it.

Some dried sticks or grass or something

I purchased these dried tall things at a thrift store, but Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Jo Ann’s carry stuff like this as well. First thing I did was tie the bundle together with some jute twine. Then I tied a longer piece of twine around the bundled twine to use to attach the bundle to the light cover thing.

Bundled grass stuff & long twine

Once I had my bundle ready to be placed into the light cover, I put it in the light cover and centered it. I took one end of the longer string and pulled it through the two little holes in back of the light cover.

Stringing to attach grass stuff to fixture

I ran the other long jute end around the bundle inside the light cover.

Tying jute around bundle that’s inside

Basically, you just keep tying the jute around and through the jute that you used to bundle the tall grass stuff together to keep the bundle from falling sideways.

Making sure bundle is stable

Once you’re happy with where the bundle is, you just tie the securing jute to itself.

Finished home decor item

That’s it. 3 items, about 5 minutes, and you’ve got a home decor item to hang or stand against a wall. Super easy, super quick to assemble. Just keep your eyes open for interesting items and with a little effort, everyday items can become something totally different then what their original purpose was for. Enjoy and happy crafting. Thanks for viewing.

Suggested materials:

  • Dried tall grass   (Thrift store)
  • Light cover   (Restore)
  • Jute twine   (Dollar Tree)

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