Pottery Barn Inspired Ceramic Vase Makeover

Who doesn’t like a good knock-off project? I know I do, because: 1. There is no satisfaction like having the dreamy decor item you want, but without having to spend a lot of money for it. 2. It is way more satisfying than just going and buying the real deal, as there is a challenge in trying to DIY it. And oh boy…do I love challenges like that! This is exactly why I was so excited when I came across Pottery Barn’s Lilian Vase the other day: it is beautiful and comes with a matching price tag! The vase has a Mediterranean feel to it which I love, and it silently screams for a knock-off challenge…which I readily accepted!
As usual, I went to our famous junk mall (aka basement) to see if I had something suitable. After a bit of rummaging, I discovered this ceramic vase I got from the Second Chance shop (our local thrift store) a long time ago. According to its price tag, I paid a dollar for it :-) What a bargain, right? Well… maybe with its scribble-ish pattern, it wasn’t that much of a bargain. But at least it helped me not to have second thoughts about the makeover – even if I messed it up, it couldn’t look worse than it already was…hahahaha :-)
The Lilian vase had a taupish-grayish color block around the bottom, so to achieve a similar color, I mixed some chalk paint I had on hand. Then, I painted the vase with 2 thin coats of that taupish-grayish mixture I prepared.
Next, I taped a thick band around the bottom of the vase and painted the rest of the vase with 3 thin coats of my homemade chalk paint in old white (custom matched) color. Click here to get my homemade chalk paint recipe.
While waiting for the paint to dry, I prepared my stencils. I converted two damask pattern pictures into stencils.


Next, it was time to deal with the bottom of the vase, as it was in terrible shape. If I left it as is, it would scratch any furniture it would be placed on. Therefore, I cut a circle from a piece of gray felt I had on hand and spread some glue on the felt.

Then, I glued it to the bottom of the vase.
And with that, my Pottery Barn inspired ceramic vase makeover was complete. Ladies and gentlemen!..(drum roll)… I present to you my version of the Lilian vase! :-)
What do you think? Not bad at all, is it? I have to say I was worried about messing up during stenciling, but all went so nice and smooth.
For more details, progress pictures and to get your free downloadable stencils please visit our blog post.

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Thanks for reading!
Handan, xo

Handan & Greg @ The Navage Patch
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