Pretty Night Light

4 Materials
30 Minutes
I created this project which is Decorative and Functional.. Nice A beautiful house plant by day, a night light by night! Here's how I did it:
It started with some drawer organizing baskets we had around from School Supply buying..

And a pretty Basket or other container of choice, laying around the house..
Hair supplies for everyday, and they are all in one spot...In basket!
I picked up a $1.99 Package of Battery Powered mini Lights, from Christmas decorating dept at local Hobby store.. and batteries to fit
You can set a time for this to come on and it will stay on for 6 hrs.. Saves the battery life and gives control of when you need it.. Once set it will turn on each day at the same time.. Modern Marvel this ... I wound it through a plastic fern bush I had already, and put the fern in the basket..
Set to come on at midnight, it gives just enough illumination for necessity trips almost all night...
And in daytime, it just sits there holding supplies and lookin' pretty..

I hope you enjoyed and like the idea, it works great!

Suggested materials:

  • Plastic dividers   (School supply at store)
  • Pretty Basket or Container   (Had on hand)
  • Battery Operatived Light strand and Batteries to fit.   (Hobby/Craft store)
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