How can I decorate a dressing area and vanity in an apartment?

I am considering an apartment that I have been eyeing for almost a decade. It has charming parquet floors and the building is in immaculate condition. It would be a pleasure to come home every day.The one thing I’m really enchanted by is that there is a separate vanity and sink and a closet outside of the bedroom. It’s like a separate dressing area. I love the idea of being able to leave my makeup and all my girly things out and arranged on the vanity and not have to move it when company comes or someone needs to enter my bathroom. I have never had that much counter and cabinet space in the bathroom before so I can really have fun with this.However I’ve never decorated a space like this before. I do have one picture I’ll try to upload in a bit and there’s a walker in front of the vanity so you can’t really see the area but it gives you an idea of what I’m working with a little bit. The person who’s moving hadn’t removed all her mom’s things yet. I’m thinking a plush rug in a light color on the floor and some shelves to the left and right of the mirror which spans the front of the sink. I could add a stool but there’s no opening in the cabinet space for my legs so it wouldn’t really work well. I also plan to frame the mirror with the frost stuff you get in a can. I’ve done that before and it turned out gorgeous.I’d love to see some pictures for design inspiration but I only found one pic and it was in a review of a hotel room. That’s the link below. Can you helpful and wonderful people help me? Shoot me some links or pics. I’m coming up with nothing in my searches for “dressing area with sink” or “closet and vanity separate from bathroom” in apartments.And pardon any typos. Dictated to my iPad.

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