How can I diy a bed skirt?

  2 answers
  • Lindy Lindy on Oct 17, 2017
    Before I comment I have to ask why you want to make your own? Better choice of fabric, drop from mattress to floor needs to be longer, or you just need a project? I made my own at one time and said nevermore (quoting the raven here). If it is the drop (i.e you can only find 15 inches but need 20 inches from mattress to floor) buy one and add fabric on the bottom that matches or coordinates with your comforter. Another way if not long enough is to put the short bed skirt on the box spring, then add one to the mattress giving it a tiered look. I found that making is sometime more expensive and time consuming than tweaking. I added extra wide satin ribbon to my current one and it looks pretty awesome if I don't say so myself!