How can I make a hanging shade using a Christmas tree ring?


I have a standard hanging light with glass bell shaped shade in my dining room. I found this willow/rattan tree ring at holiday clearance at TJ Maxx and it would make a great shade. But I don't want to mess with the existing fixture and it's one of those that has a screw shade ring/collar. (I hope that's what you call it)I have a few ideas. Going over existing shae is cool, i'd have to add some rope to the shade because the ring is too large. Then I thought I'd "macrame" over a bot to make it look intentional. And then cover the chain with a tube and wrap rope around it. I think a really heavy rope would fill the gap between the existing shade and tree collar. Find hardware to add it to the ring type, easy right? Seems that those large shade have lamp harp parts and the hole in the middle is very small. Not large enough to place a light bulb base.I really need some help here. Thanks!!!

q christmas tree ring to hanging shade a little advice please

Basic lighting in place now. I just can't afford to replace and want something coastal chic

q christmas tree ring to hanging shade a little advice please

This would work great, with an edison light but there's a space between the existing and the edge. Keep existing OR find/create a way to replace it.

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  • William William on Jan 10, 2020

    How about leaving the existing lamp as is. Tie ropes to the top of the tree ring in six equal spots leaving them long. Place the tree ring over the lamp shade and tie each rope to the lamp ring. You can adjust the ropes depending if you want the lamp shade exposed or not. Covering the chain with a tube will also cover the tied ropes.

    • Jen Halverson Jen Halverson on Jan 11, 2020

      Hi William, this was sort of my idea, and to knot some other pieces do it looked like macrame. I’m going to start with your plan and then see what happens-stay tunes!

  • Deb K Deb K on Jan 10, 2020

    Hi Jen, the design of the existing lamp shade should unscrew to allow you to remove the shade, you should be able to put a hole in the rattan tree ring at the bottom center and put it on the bolt, screw it back together make sure when you put the new hole in the rattan that it is the right size and not too big, it should be really easy! Here is a link with some wicker shades

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    • Jen Halverson Jen Halverson on Jan 11, 2020

      Nope, it’s a ring/collar used to hide the bottom of a Christmas tree.

  • Deb K Deb K on Jan 11, 2020

    Okay Jen, I think your original idea of sliding it onto the existing shade might be the way you have to go, but I haven't given up just yet. Still looking

  • Jen Halverson Jen Halverson on Jan 11, 2020

    I think I may have found something

  • Thea Thea on Jan 24, 2020

    I saw someone use 4 dowel sticks laid 2 vertical and 2 horizontal in a cross shape and stuck through the woven shade. The weight is then carried by the central part. Below is a top/bottom view .The big circle is the woven shade, the centre is the light without the glass shade

  • Stephanie Nigh Stephanie Nigh on Jan 24, 2020

    Not sure if this will work BUT how about a metal Christmas tree stand, turned upside down.?Then somehow..LOL..this is the part I am not sure of..try to place your piece over or around the metal stand? OR a thrift sale find of an old lamp shade that matches your piece in size? We used an old lamp shade frame to place an edison lamp in & hang from ceiling with a macrae piece my daughter made over it for a ceiling light in her bath.

  • Deb K Deb K on Jan 11, 2021

    Hi Jen, here are a few ideas to help you out,

    How can I make a hanging shade using a Christmas tree ring?