Can you give me suggestions for decorating my house cabin-style?


Cabin style decorative ideals for my home

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  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom Holly Lengner - Lost Mom on Nov 22, 2019

    Hi Tina, there are lots of cabin ideas here:

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Nov 22, 2019

    They make some faux animal heads that look great.

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Nov 26, 2019

    A few years ago I had a bedroom decorated like a fishing cabin. The bed was built from logs and on the wall we hung and old screen door (wooden with screen removed). It was hung horizontally and in each of the open areas we hung little rustic decorative items that we found at the dollar store or garage sales.

    I loved it. Also the walls were taupe with an accent wall of sage green.

  • RedDog RedDog on Dec 17, 2019
    If your ceilings are 10’ high, then you can get faux wood beam to attach to the ceiling or make them yourself using 3 pieces of lumber formed into a U-shape. Attach cleats (small wood blocks) to the ceiling then attach the beams to the cleats. There are many sources for cabin-like decor: Buffalo plaid, bears, moose-online or in stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby, Cabella’s and Bass Pro Shop. Keep in mind that more modern cabins are often made from logs milled into a D-shape which makes the inside walls flat-easier for mounting cabinets and hanging things. You can simulate this look by attaching wood planks to the walls horizontally and adding caulk as chinking between the “logs.” Another thing to consider is more modern log cabins often only use logs for the exterior walls and drywall on the interior walls so they can add color and save money. Finally if you want to go all out, they make half-log siding that is used on garages for log homes. You could use it inside if you want the rounded log effect.