Asked on Mar 27, 2017

How do I use an inkjet printer to decorate with mod podge?

by Bev21722843
I like to make my own decor so it will be unique and I use mod podge a lot. However when I use my inkjet printer the ink sometimes bleeds. Is there a way to use inkjet prints without the print bleeding when you try to mod podge it onto a surface? I can't afford a lase printer. Thanks!
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  • Sue Hausl Michels Sue Hausl Michels on Mar 28, 2017

    There are finishing sprays that may help?

  • Suzie Suzie on Mar 28, 2017

    If you want to use inkjet prints, you need to make sure they have had lots of time to dry properly. I would make sure you print your images at least 24 to 36 hours before you want to use them. Give the ink plenty of time to stabilise and it should be OK. I have used a mod-podge image transfer trick with a full colour ink jet image - but to do it, I printed the document on Thursday morning for a Saturday crafternoon...

  • Candace Candace on May 03, 2017

    I just did an image of a gymnast for my granddaughter using my injet printer... You have to let the ink dry to the touch. You then spread modpodge over the ink print and carefully put it on your material or wood... whatever you are transferring to . Make sure it is smoothed out. Pat it down rather than rub it, being careful not to smear the image Let it dry for 24 hours or use a hairdryer on low if you are in a hurry. When it is dry you can use a sponge to wet the paper backing and rub the paper away gently. This does not work with photo paper only inkjet paper! Photo paper is too thick and you will never get it rubbed off! Trial and error for me! Once all the paper is rubbed off. Paint another coat of modpodge on the piece to set it permanently. Let it dry for 24 hours.

  • Nancy Wilson Nancy Wilson on May 05, 2017

    I use a spray sealant available at most craft suppliers near the paints. A light spray keeps the inks from bleeding. Give it a good 24 hours to dry before applying with Mod Podge.

  • Madilyn Madilyn on May 30, 2017

    I agree that it is important to let the printed image dry for a few days first. Also, make sure you cover the image completely with a very thick layer of mod podge. It should be so thinck that you can't see image at all through the mod podge. Let dry over night and the use a damp sponge or your damp fingers to remove the paper, layer by layer. Also, make sure to reverse or mirror the image on the computer before printing if you have any text in the image. You will need to do this so the text doesn't end up backwards on your final project.