How do you make simple radiator cover?

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  • Robyn Garner Robyn Garner on Jul 01, 2018
    Build a wood frame and put decorative metal grates in the squares so the heat comes through.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Jul 01, 2018
    Linda, I found a great video on wikiHow. It is under Build-a-radiator-cover. It gives lots of details.
    Btw, it looks to me like getting an old twin-size railed footboard or headboard from a bed and painting and mounting it would be simpler. But to build your own, the video gives good directions.
    Best wishes ☺️

  • Emily Emily on Jul 01, 2018
    We have such a giant (wide, deep, but not too high) radiator in our living room that making a cover was one of the first things my husband did when we moved in. 47 years ago and we are still using it. He made a three sided base that has lattice work for heat release. Problem with this was that the outlet was in the wall covered by the radiator cover. So not too long ago (but still years) we made the lid removable so we can just lift it off if we need to access the outlet. It is between the chair in foreground and the sofa, under what in these days we would call a "picture window" but not in 1905!