How hard is to make a peg board cube spinner? to display items

i own a small business and wanted to make a cube shape pegboard spinner to display my product, like necklaces n so forth.

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  • Emily Emily on Jun 30, 2017
    At hardware stores they sell "spinners" (not sure what they are called) I have one I bought to use under a large piece of marble, so I could turn it when making pie crusts. I don't know how large these come, but my husband said they are lazy susan spinners. You screw the bottom to a solid piece of wood and the top to the bottom of your display piece.
    I have an old fashioned book case that turns, that has a much more complicated mechanism.

  • Con25436990 Con25436990 on Jun 30, 2017
    It says seems easy. Cut six equal squirrel ares and glue together. Then buy a cheep plastic or wood lazy susan. Then glue it to the bottom of your cube. Paint or decorate. Done