How do I hang a garland on drywall?


I want to hang garland above the moulding on one of my doors. I dont know the best way to do this

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  • Tinyshoes Tinyshoes on Nov 23, 2019

    Barbara....Use command holders.

  • Gk Gk on Nov 23, 2019

    Command hooks work great for this! They make some very small ones so they really wouldn't be so visible. You can make a loop of string, thread, yard, or twine around your garland in several places and just loop it on the Command hooks. You can find the smaller clear Command hooks at Christmas time in the Christmas decor section. Many use them to hang miniature lights around windows or along cabinet tops.

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Nov 23, 2019

    Hello I have used push pins in the doorway or window molding and either wire or string loops on the garland. Pipe cleaners can work too.

  • Tuula - Color Me Thrifty Tuula - Color Me Thrifty on Nov 23, 2019

    I would use command hooks. They are easy yo remove and don't leave marks.

  • How thick is your garland. I would probably use push pins.

  • By Brittany Goldwyn By Brittany Goldwyn on Nov 29, 2019

    Command hooks?

  • Em Em on Nov 30, 2019

    Command hooks work. Also if it is above the door you can hammer in small brads or nails into the wood above the door and hook the garland on them. If you put them on the top (not the face) of the wood you will never see the tiny holes the nails make.