How to make my own sewing machine decals?

by Ary

I have an old black singer sewing machine with worn decals that I would like to decorate and make look pretty.

Can anyone tell me of products that I might purchase and might use in either an inkjet or laser printer to make my own decals that I could cut out and apply to an old sewing machine?

1. Are there any clear film plastic like products with an adhesive similar to labels that could possibly be printed on to make my own decals?

2. Is there any thin clear film like products that one might print on that could possibly be applied by some type of glue or possibly heat that I might print on? If so what type of glue would one recommend or what heat method would one recommend for this project?

3. Are there special sprays or other products that you would recommend using to cover these decals so that they do not rub or peel off? Would one cover just where the decals are with this product or would one cover the entire sewing machine?

4. Does anyone have a suggestion for a short inspirational message or favourite bible quote that might look good on a sewing machine?

5. I have heard of a product called gold leaf.. Where would I buy this material? Can anyone tell me how to apply this product or recommend any websites or YouTube videos on how to apply gold leaf?

I am receptive to any ideas that I could use for embellishments or suggestions for making my old sewing machine look pretty.

I welcome any pictures others may have of sewing machine make over’s or websites to look at for suggestions.

I would also like to know the names of stores you recommend for purchasing the embellishments or products for printing on that you recommend or places to order these items on line.

I would like to thank all who respond to my inquiry in advance.


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