How to make tiki torches from wine bottles

How can I make tiki torches from wine bottles?
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  • Linda G Linda G on Jul 06, 2016
    google it for how to create the top part of the bottle which will hold the wick (I bought 8 sets of wine bottle torch holders that can mount to the fence on Etsy which came with everything needed) - but my advice, use actual TIKI torch brand wicks (they have a plastic 'netting' around the wick - we had just plain cotton ones and they didn't work). fill the bottle about 2/3 with water then pour the oil in (leaving the top of the rounded part of the bottle and the neck empty so the bottle doesn't crack)-oil will 'float' on the water. Soak the wick in a container with the oil in and when you put the wick in the bottle, make sure it doesn't set down into the water (otherwise it will absorb the water and not light). Good luck - they look great!