Asked on Oct 08, 2016

How to remove unwanted permanent fabric glue

Jan piner
by Jan piner
Help! I've ruined the quilt I'm making! The Mickey Mouse appliques looked a little frayed so I had a not so bright idea to finish the edges with baby rickrack. The glue I used to hold it in place before sewing had seeped out and has ruined this otherwise adorable quilt. I'm just sick!
how to remove unwanted permanent fabric glue, Before
how to remove unwanted permanent fabric glue, After washing
After washing
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 09, 2016
    Try rubbing a little goo gone on the area. Blot with a white paper towel.
  • Ann2532925 Ann2532925 on Oct 09, 2016
    silicone spray is very good to remove glue, won't ruin fabric, good luck
  • DG DG on Oct 09, 2016
    ICE cube
  • Lindy Lindy on Oct 09, 2016
    What kind of glue is it? Hot glue, Super Glue? School (Elmers) Glue? All have remedy, but need to know which to apply.
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    • Lindy Lindy on Oct 09, 2016 Try this site. If that doesn't work just Google "How to remove permnent fabric glue from clothing" etc. Lots of stuff out there. Glad to help because I am you---Perfectly fine project, but I see a tiny flaw to fix which can end up ruining the whole thing. Good luck-try a bit of GooGone-that stuff is amazing!
  • Reggie Reggie on Oct 09, 2016
    Try heating the glue with a hair dryer.some glue will soften enough to scrape off when it is heated.
  • William William on Oct 09, 2016
    Choose one: Goo Gone or Acetone Nail Polish Remover. Moisten a qtip with the product. Allow the product to sit on the glue and soften it. Once soft, scrape away as much of the glue as possible with a spoon or dull knife. Repeat the above steps until all of the glue has been loosened and removed. After the glue is removed, blot with a clean cloth dampened with clean water to rinse. Be sure to remove all of the cleaning products completely. Any residue left behind will create a sticky surface which will collect dirt.
  • Have you tried heating it? I would use a hair dryer and see if you could heat it up enough to pull it off. Good luck.
  • Ann2532925 Ann2532925 on Oct 09, 2016
    i got my silicone spray at the hardware store,
  • Nancy J Nancy J on Oct 10, 2016
    I would try some 91% isopropol alcohol, I use it to soak dried on glue and paint from my brushes, I use it to remove dried hot glue and also to remove super glue and silicone glue from my fingers and it won't harm the fabric
  • Janice Peterson Janice Peterson on Oct 10, 2016
    contact the glue manufacturer and ask them how to remove it? there is usually contact information on the packaging.
  • Roe Roe on Oct 11, 2016
    While it looks like excess fabric glue, several of the above recommendations may not be good options...As you can see, there are several of us out here who have either experienced a similar problem and/or have solutions to correct the issue; And we would love to help you. However, the type of glue you used makes a big difference in how and what to use to remove the excess without ruining your otherwise beautiful project (or give it a leftover nasty odor). Just sayin' we need more info... :)
  • Jan piner Jan piner on Oct 11, 2016
    Thank you everyone who gave me suggestions. What a great group! I was able to remove the majority of the glue with 100% acetone. I'm still working on it. I'm so sick to death of this quilt that I contacted MaggiesCastle on Etsy and she is custom making Mickey Mouse heads that are 1" larger all around to cover the nightmare. I just don't have the heart to make them again. The chemicals I've tried along with infinite washings have faded the patterns. That being said I suppose we can call it an heirloom 😂 with a dose of patina. Jan