Ideas for projects with cds?

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  • Chas' Crazy Creations Chas' Crazy Creations on Dec 04, 2017
    There are several ideas here on Hometalk that might interest you -

  • Stephanie Cobler Stephanie Cobler on Dec 04, 2017
    Hang throughout garden to ward off birds, small animals. The don't like shiny things.

  • Senie Senie on Dec 04, 2017
    Several years ago I took some demos I received in the mail and made tree ornaments/window hangers out of them. Used snow to cover one side then took some Disney characters, small trees and made houses etc to make a snow scene. Did this will all kinds of these toys making some on skis. I also took the Christmas cards from the previous year and cut out beautiful pics and used snow again when needed like the one with wolves walking in the snow. Hope this helps. To make them window ornaments just drill a hole in the top and tie with ribbon. I used both sides for the window ornaments.