Need Ideas For an Old Bathroom mirror.

This mirror has no frame, and is about 3 x 4 feet in size.

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  • Rembatb Rembatb on Dec 11, 2017
    You could frame it along the edges or gold gild it.

  • Grace Merrells Grace Merrells on Dec 11, 2017
    Framing it would be a good idea. Is it one you want to keep on the bathroom wall or are you looking to do something different with it? If it’s on the wall you can add a frame of trim around it but attached to the wall. There are some very nice trim styles available and you would probably only need a couple of pieces, depending on the length of trim available where you are. In Australia I’d try either Bunnings or Mitre10 unless you have a good local company. I don’t know what you have in Canada.

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Dec 11, 2017
    I agree about framing it. I have a 5 ft. mirror that I had put in before they became "builder's mirrors". I always loved that large mirror because it made our bathroom look bigger. My plan to keep it, but to update it is to frame it just like other's have said. I'm planning to keep it simple but if I see an idea I like before I do it, I may change my mind. Here are some images that might inspire you. Wishing you the best.

  • Cindy Cindy on Dec 11, 2017
    If the mirror is not on the wall, you could put a frame around it and hang it on the back of a door. A mirror that size will give reflection of a complete outfit, including shoes.

  • Jen28835530 Jen28835530 on Dec 12, 2017
     Just frame it. That is what we did!