Standard wine barrel that we had cut in half. How to make cushions?

It is now set up as 2 chairs but with a wooden seat on each. How can I make cushions for this non-standard size? They are not round because of the way they split the barrel to leave a portion of the back on each as a lip to hold the wooden seat. Trust me, I've tried all options short of custom cushions that cost about $400 each. Does any one have suggestions?

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  • Robyn Garner Robyn Garner on Dec 29, 2017
    Make a pattern of the cushion with paper. Then add another 1/2" to all sides for the seams. You can either stuff w/ loose fill, batting or cut more rigid foam.

  • Tuc27063643 Tuc27063643 on Dec 29, 2017
    Hi Pat,
    To make a pillow to fit your barrel chairs :
    You could get a piece of gift-wrapping tissue paper and mold it to the inside of the barrel where the seat cushion would go. If you want, run a pencil or pen along the outline of the inside of the barrel. You have just made a pattern to use in cutting your fabric to fit the seat. Cut off the excess tissue paper so you have an exact fit for your barrel seat. Before cutting the good fabric, I would cut a sample piece out of muslin or even plain paper to make sure the dimensions are correct. You now have the exact top and bottom of your "almost round pillow."
    **Remember before you cut your fabric you have to add 5/8 inch more all around the measurement of your top and bottom "exact fit patterns" to allow for seam allowance for sewing the pillow parts together.
    **Next to make a box pillow, you will have to cut a strip of fabric to the height or thickness of pillow that you want and to the circumference of the top and bottom piece of pillow-allowing 5/8 of an inch on both sides of the strip.
    **Also allow 5/8 inch allowance at each end of the strip for sewing the strip together.
    **So when you are finished cutting your fabric you will have a top piece, a bottom piece to match and a long strip of fabric for going around the entire side of the pillow.
    **Now with right sides together, sew the top piece to the side strip at your 5/8 inch allowance line
    **Next with right sides together, sew the bottom to the side strip leaving a hole large enough to invert the fabric and to fit your hand with the stuffing into the pillow.
    **Then, sew the ends of the long strip together. You now will have a pillow with an opening on the bottom seam.
    **Put your stuffing in the pillow through that hole.
    **You will close that hole manually using a slip stitch.
    Your custom pillow is done!

    If you are good at installing zippers, you should put it in the middle of the side strip before sewing anything else together. Then when you sew the strip to the bottom you do not have to leave an opening for stuffing since you will be able to use your open zipper for stuffing your pillow.

    It sounds like a lot but it is not difficult at all. Getting the proper measurements along with the seam allowances is the important part -the rest is easy.

    Hope this helps you!

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Dec 31, 2017
    Yes - follow Tuccigirl's directions. She knows!

  • Barbara F Gillard Barbara F Gillard on Jan 01, 2018
    cant you just cover foam, any shape you want or old goodwill pillows