Asked on Dec 01, 2015

What to do with glass bottlle stoppers

by Lau2114177
I found these at the local antique mall. I would like to make a craft project with them but I can't come up with an idea. I am capable of doing something very difficult so don't hold back on your ideas.
Here they are and they are quite beautiful.
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  • Katrina Warren Katrina Warren on Dec 01, 2015
    @Korpics Upholstery and Antiques Hhhmmmmm..... I'll have to give that some thought, in the meantime I wish I had them, I have several decanters that are missing their stopper!
  • Lynne Shouey Lynne Shouey on Dec 01, 2015
    Take any clear bottle and fill with sand and place a small mermaid in the bottle and fill with small colored pieces of glass then fill with mineral oil and top with stopper and seal with wax. Or use in old wine bottles. Fill with your olive oil & vinegar's. Then label the bottles.
  • Jane Nelson Jane Nelson on Dec 02, 2015
    I saw a thing on y tube and she made a dome with a plastic coke bottle turned upside down and used the stopper in the top and did a Christmas show inside xx
  • Dorene Dorene on Dec 02, 2015
    I would mount them into something...making a space to hold necklaces and scarves.
  • Gigi Gigi on Dec 02, 2015
    I am on an altered bottle kick...these are great. I found several old bottles that would love these stoppers. I saw someone make curtain rods using stoppers on the ends.
  • Paige Paige on Dec 02, 2015
    I see some of them are like cut glass. You could use them for ceiling fan light pulls with clear fishing line. Hang them from a Christmas tree. Hang them from a tall ceiling in different heights in the sunlight to create prisms in your room. Put a small oil rubbed bronze decorative curtain rod on the wall and hang them in various heights and sizes from the rod. Wrap the rod with silk greens or pine boughs in the winter. Do the same in your Kitchen but in between each stopper hang a small bundle of dried lavender, rosemary, bay leaves etc... They are really pretty and what a great idea to collect these!
  • Trudy Trudy on Dec 02, 2015
    Attach corks and make wine bottle stoppers for leftover wine. LEFTOVER wine? :)
  • Merrie Merrie on Dec 02, 2015
    You could use the faceted stoppers to create sun catchers which will give you lovely rainbows when the sunlight hits them. These could be done individually or as a mobile
  • Donna Donna on Dec 02, 2015
    I like the sun catcher idea. You could also use them to make a fancy mobile, almost like a chandelier.
  • Snapoutofit Snapoutofit on Dec 02, 2015
    My favorite idea is the wine stoppers that many here have suggested...then again...a hanger for necklaces?. put them in a container for display?
  • Mabeline Mabeline on Dec 02, 2015
    Make apothecary jars and use these stoppers as the lid handles.
  • Pamela Pamela on Dec 02, 2015
    You could use them for stoppers in old glass bottles which could hold a picture, or using the wire wrapping make a beautiful wire wrapped necklace.
  • Delores Delores on Dec 02, 2015
    If you don't come up with anything, I'll be glad to take them off your hands... I collect bottles and am always looking for glass stoppers! 😊
  • Connie Connie on Dec 02, 2015
    Hi. You could use them as flowers in a bouquet. Attached them to wooden dowels the size of each stopper. They could be of various lengths. Paint the dowels in different shades of green to give the appearance of different stems. You then could attach different leaf types and add some ferns strands or ivy strands along with baby's breath. Place in a favorite vase or flower pot. Whatever you decide to do with them, please post an update. Thanks and have fun with your project.
  • Martin Kerkstra Martin Kerkstra on Dec 02, 2015
    Paint them, super glue hooks on them, wrap with a colored foil and use as an ornament for your Christmas tree.
  • Linda Linda on Dec 02, 2015
    Fashion a mobile out of wire or sticks/branches ( check out pinterest for mobile ideas) and hang them from it at varying lengths. Put it in a sunny window and watch all the wonderful rainbows from the prism shaped stoppers
  • wind chimes? Add some colorful beads or hang them from a large piece of driftwood?
  • Rebekka Rebekka on Dec 02, 2015
    They would make beautiful finials for curtain rods.
  • Gill Moreton Gill Moreton on Dec 03, 2015
    Wrap wire around them and suspend them where the light will show them off. Maybe across a window, at varying heights, or in a vase mixed with tiny wire lights through them, like a bunch of flowers.
  • Deborah Deborah on Dec 03, 2015
    Would make gorgeous ornaments. Could also hang in a high light window. The prismatic affect is awesome.
  • Liz Straughn Liz Straughn on Dec 04, 2015
    I would wrap Christmas ribbon, add a little greenery and hang them in a doorway. I would say on a tree, but the might be too heavy.
  • Cathy Bailey Cathy Bailey on Dec 05, 2015
    Maybe a Styrofoam large ball cut in half, insert the stoppers with small lights wrapped around and fill with pearls or baby breath to make a centerpiece.
  • Laetitia Laetitia on Dec 07, 2015
    Sell them, it will bring you a small fortune
    • Lau2114177 Lau2114177 on Dec 08, 2015
      Do you think people would but them? I have an antique booth, buy bought them from a fellow seller.
  • Tim D. (The Retro Den) Tim D. (The Retro Den) on Dec 07, 2015
    Sell them to me... They make great lamp finials... LOL
  • Valerie Valerie on Dec 07, 2015
    I would use them as decoration on hose guards. Get a piece of rebar, push it into the ground, cut some PVC pipe a little longer than the rebar, then 'plug' the bottle stoppers into the PVC pipe. You could spray paint the PVC pipe for some added glamour. I have done that in my garden, and am thrilled with the results. You could also use them as hooks - drill a hole size the same as the end, and secure using glue or silicon. You could also use them as curtain finials. They are gorgeous and to say I am envious would be an understatement!
  • Lyn Lyn on Dec 07, 2015
    Send them to me!!
  • Elizabeth McLeod Elizabeth McLeod on Dec 07, 2015
    I would buy them in a heartbeat!
  • Lee Govan Lee Govan on Dec 07, 2015
    Try using just one board from a pallet as your base, drill out the right size holes on another pallet board. Attach the two one on top of the other, then using a clear dry glue, fix them into the holes and attach to your wall near the front entrance, what a great coat holder.
  • Lau2114177 Lau2114177 on Dec 08, 2015
    That's what my daughter said. They are pretty cool. I'm wavering between windchimes, light catchers, Xmas gift for my daughter.
  • Taffetal Taffetal on Dec 10, 2015
    Firstly, bathe them in hot water with a bit of ammonia to bring out their shine. Then find a pretty crystal bowl to place them in with their best sides facing passing viewers. Place bowl in a sunny place and admire!
  • Tim D. (The Retro Den) Tim D. (The Retro Den) on Dec 11, 2015
    Please sell them to me
  • CAmom CAmom on Dec 13, 2015
    You could create a chandelier with them. Hang them from varying pieces of fishing line, adding other glass beads along with them if you want, and intersperse with a string of icicle lights (the ones that hang down) to catch the sparkle. You can use a piece of wood with holes drilled, painted white, or use a ceiling medallion, or a wreath circle. The possibilities are endless, and those are absolutely gorgeous.
  • Tim D. (The Retro Den) Tim D. (The Retro Den) on Dec 22, 2015
    These really would make great lamp "finials"... If you can't think of what to make I amd serious I will buy them...
  • Debi53 Debi53 on Dec 22, 2015
    I think they would be gorgeous as the 12, 5, 10, 15, etc. minute markers for a wall clock. You could make a large statement piece by having a large circle cut from wood or extra thick foam board. Paint in a metallic or decorative color. Cut circles for the glass stoppers to slide into. Use a clear drying glue on the back to secure the stoppers. You can order any size clock hand kit online inexpensively. Mount 3-4 wooden blocks behind the clock face to give room for the stoppers. Attach heavy duty wall hanger(s) to to the top support blocks, You would have a one-of-a-kind clock/artpiece/attention getter!
  • Carole Carole on Dec 25, 2015
    I would use them to jazz up garden pots. Just put one or two in each pot to add a little sparkle. If they could be put on steel stakes to raise them in the pots that would be even better.
  • Lynn Bentley Lynn Bentley on Dec 25, 2015
    I make garden stakes
  • Sherry Bel Sherry Bel on Dec 26, 2015
    You could use them for curtain rod or wall hanging finials. When I have a large wall space and can`t afford art, I buy beautiful material and hang it from a rod in the space. Crystal finials would be beautiful at the end of the rods.
  • Clinita Kolesar Clinita Kolesar on Dec 26, 2015
  • GeeJudy GeeJudy on Dec 26, 2015
    they are all so pretty--I have a lot of them just laying around
    • Clinita Kolesar Clinita Kolesar on Dec 27, 2015
  • Megan Megan on Dec 26, 2015
    Tied with a beautiful ribbon they make pretty Christmas tree ornaments. Or maybe hang a few at different lengths for a sun catcher outside. Coupled with some ornate or antique bells it would be an interesting wind chime. Tiny perfume bottles work also.
  • Betty-Ellen Betty-Ellen on Dec 26, 2015
    You can use them in upcycled wine bottle art. So pretty. Also in the lids of canning jars just make a hole in the flat disk for them to fir into. Also pretty on curtain tie backs or shade pulls.
  • Karen Whelton Karen Whelton on Dec 27, 2015
    A friend of mine made stunning garden statuary / towers from colorful thrift store ceramics and various cut glass items such as tea cups and inverted vases. Ceramic glue was involved. I can see these glass stoppers as the star in such a project. I can get you more info if you are interested. The sun catching / prism effect would really be amazing .
  • Alta Toler Alta Toler on Dec 27, 2015
    I wonder if these could be drilled into and a screw or something inserted, then a small, beautiful chain or ? then attach to a chandelier as crystals hanging down? I can see it, but not sure if it is feasible.
    • Dian Dian on Dec 27, 2015
      @Alta Toler I can picture what you are talking about but i don't think they necessarily need to be drilled. I think you could use the same technique as they use to wire wrap pretty crystals and such.
  • Dottie Unruh Dottie Unruh on Dec 27, 2015
    I would love to buy one of them from you. The glass stopper to one of my antique perfume bottles broke. It is like the clear marble one, and the top of the stopper part needs to be no bigger than 3/8". You are so lucky to have found so many of them!
  • Joanne Halbert Olson Joanne Halbert Olson on Dec 27, 2015
    Take a Styrofoam ball or cone & glue on top of a candle stick. Spray the cone or ball white, silver or gold and poke with a drop of glue the stoppers around in the Styrofoam.
  • Jerry bell Jerry bell on Dec 28, 2015
    A wind chime is possible
  • Pamrwilson Pamrwilson on Dec 28, 2015
    I have several of these. I use them as toppers on small to medium size antique (or old looking) bottles. I put some sand and a few small sea shells in the bottles. I also use the "spirals" from the center of long shells and also marbles as toppers. I have several on my kitchen windowsill. I have 6 of various shapes and sizes right now. I love to look at them when the sun is going down and the light shines through my kitchen window. The sand is from a vacation beach.
  • Pamrwilson Pamrwilson on Dec 28, 2015
    Also as Jerry bell says a wind chime is perfect. You could use copper wire around them with a little spiral to hang on fishing string then attach to a piece of driftwood, or shell, a cut bottle or just about anything you enjoy looking at. I would look great in a place that light catches sometime during the day. I am thinking of this idea myself. I will see if I can transfer a photo of mine. Have fun creating! It's got me thinking about some pieces of old broken plates I have to use as wind chimes.
  • Lumaie Lumaie on Dec 28, 2015
    Lol. I looked at your pile of pretties and was imagining wire wrapping some as flowers and creating filigree wings on others in a colorful wall piece or clock...and my eleven year old son looked over my shoulder and said, "Huh, those would be cool handles on my iron cabinet. Where do you get them?" You truly have some pretty inspiration to play with. enjoy
  • Ro Ro on Sep 30, 2017

    Invert them & incorporate them with other materials to make into a mobile ~

  • Laura Korpics Laura Korpics on Sep 30, 2017

    That is a great idea. Ty.

  • B. Enne B. Enne on Apr 29, 2018


  • Heatherkins Heatherkins on Nov 24, 2021

    They’d look really interesting hung upside down at differing heights and tethered with ‘invisible’ cord….

  • I would drill hoes in a piece of wood, glue them in and use them to hang necklaces.