Repair Chipped Mugs or Glasses With These 4 Tricks

by BrightNest
It’s Sunday morning. You’ve just brewed a fresh pot of coffee. You reach into your cabinet to pull out a mug to pour yourself a cup of joe.... only to find that your favorite mug has been chipped.
Woe is you!
But the battle’s not over. Here are four solutions to repairing or reusing a chipped mug or glass:
Smooth out a Chipped Rim with Clear Nail Polish

It’s not the best solution, but it is probably the fastest! To avoid the sharp edge of a chipped rim, paint over the damaged area with clear nail polish. Just make sure to avoid most basic nail polishes because they can sometimes contain formaldehyde. Try this toxin-free clear nail polish.

Fix Broken Handles with Ceramic Epoxy

If a handle has broken off from your coffee mug, repair it with two-part clear liquid epoxy glue instead of super glue. Epoxies have a better structural strength than super glue and are better at sealing any gaps (think if you lost any ceramic chips when the mug broke). Once you’ve repaired the problem, wait 24 hours before handling.

Note: We wouldn’t recommend using an epoxy if you’re repairing a mug that has broken in places that are going to touch liquid – most epoxies aren’t food safe, so this is mostly for handles.

Give China a Milk Bath

If you have a hairline crack in your china, place the damaged piece in a pot and cover with at least two cups of milk. Then, put the pot on your stovetop and turn on the lowest setting. Let sit for one hour and cool completely. Remove the china and rinse under water. As the china cools, the protein in the milk will actually bond with the china surface. If the crack is small enough, a milk bath will remove it permanently. How cool is that?!

If There’s Cracked Glass, Repurpose!

If there’s a crack in your favorite glass, we’re really sorry, but it’s probably not safe to drink out of (you could cut your finger or mouth on the sharp crack). Instead, repurpose your glass as a votive candle holder or vase to hold a few flowers. You can also repurpose other chipped plates by placing under plants, or using small dishes in the bathroom to store toiletries. But, keep in mind, if the damage is the length of two inches or more, it’s time to recycle or toss as a safety precaution.

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  • Dan Dan on Sep 28, 2020

    How will a nail polish exterior chip repair on a china mug fare if the mug is microwaved?

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