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How many of you are crazy candle junkies like myself? I have an obscene amount of candles for every season! Most of my candles are by Bath & Body Works and I've been purchasing theirs for years!

I typically never had much use for the glass that the candle sits in when I've used up all the wax. However, with the last two candles I used up, I felt like doing something with the glass containers!

I decided to use them as succulent pots!

My Used Up Candles

A lot of candles, more specifically Bath & Body Works candles, always leave about a half inch left of wax in the bottom of the container.

Getting the Wax Out

The way to get the remaining wax out (or at least the way I think is easiest!) is to freeze the candle wax! I put mine in the freezer overnight, but leaving them in the freezer for a few hours would suffice as well! Once the wax is totally frozen, you can go in with a butterknife (or anything else you think would work) and start to break up the remaining wax. You can then just throw out the chunks of wax.

Take the Label Off

Once the wax is completely removed, you can then remove the label. The Bath & Body Works labels come off pretty easy!

Clean it Up!

Once the front label is removed, you can then go on to remove the bottom label. Running some hot water over it makes it super easy to remove! Once you've removed it, you can then wash the entire container to remove any leftover label or sticker residue, as well as any candle wax residue.

Completed Succulent Pots!

This is the easiest part of the whole project!

You just need some faux (or real) soil/dirt to fill up the container and then you can plant your succulents! I used some leftover soil I had from some other plants and then added in my faux succulents. You could use real ones if you'd like, however, with there being no drainage hole on the bottom, it may be tough to keep them alive!

These would look great on a shelf or coffee table! I like to keep mine on my bedroom windowsill as they provide the perfect amount of greenery to my room!

Suggested materials:

  • Used Up Candle (Container)   (Bath & Body Works)
  • Soil

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