This streamlined one that doesn’t budge

Wrapping fabric around wood means that you no longer have to adjust the skirt every day. Get tutorial here

This royal drop cloth one that uses tacks

Using a canvas, this is such an easy way to get an elegant bed skirt with little effort. Get tutorial here

This burlap one that screams farmhouse

With some basic sewing, you can make this easy and cheap bed skirt. Get tutorial here

This custom-made box pleat one that adjusts

If you don’t like to sew, stitch witchery will get you the same gorgeous effect. Get tutorial here

This drop cloth that is actually a box spring

With just a staple gun and some hot glue, you can create a no-budge, no-sew, no-problem bed skirt. Get tutorial here

This adorable ruffled one that fits a crib

It adds so much to the crib, and is easily attachable with velcro. Get tutorial here

This colorful tulle one that is super easy

Making a bright and bold crib skirt for your ballerina doesn’t get easier than this. Get tutorial here

This white one that is made out of a sheet

Cut up a sheet and add some velcro for the simplest skirt you can find. Get tutorial here