Decorate your bowls with floral patterns

Get intricate dishware with a simple white bowl and a colored sharpie. Get tutorial here

Hand write your own recipe tea towel

Who doesn’t love a unique tea towel? This also makes an adorable present. Get tutorial here

Create your own patterned pillowcase

Make a bunch of these for your lounge chairs or your bedroom. Get tutorial here

Trace intricate art onto glass

Fame them and turn them into a stunning gallery wall. Get tutorial here

Or create a personalized mug

You’re going to be sipping coffee out of this mug every morning from now on. Get tutorial here

Doodle designs on Easter eggs

Of course they’re great for Easter, but these would look adorable in a basket year round. Get tutorial here

Decorate your pumpkins for Halloween

You don’t need to carve anything out with this trick. Get tutorial here

Design an area rug with cool patterns

Get the design you want with some painter’s tape, a cardboard cut-out, and a sharpie. Get tutorial here