1. Put up sliding barn style doors

Introducing Debbie's brilliant solution for a designer look in her bedroom without the expense of hiring a professional. Discover how she transformed her closet doors into stylish sliding mirrors, adding elegance and functionality to her space.

Follow her step-by-step process to achieve this upscale upgrade on a budget and say goodbye to ordinary doors and hello to a stunning focal point. Get tutorial here

2. Paint a marble design on your floor

Discover how Teresa achieved stunning faux marble flooring in her home all while sidestepping the reliance on extravagant designer materials.

With creativity and resourcefulness, she transformed her concrete basement floors into a beautiful marble-like masterpiece. Follow her process, from cleaning and painting the basecoat to creating a grid pattern using painter's tape. Teresa's technique of marbling each square individually with black and white paint results in a realistic and eye-catching finish.

With just a few tools and a little patience, you too can achieve the elegance of marble on a budget. Get tutorial here

3. Add floral molds to your furniture

Unleash your inner designer and give your furniture an elegant floral look with a metallic touch.

Deer Run Revamps teaches you how to transform a plain jewelry chest into a remarkable, eye-catching masterpiece using simple products and techniques. From paintbrushes and metallic paints to paper clay and wood glue, explore the range of materials used in this project.

Start today and bring a touch of nature indoors with this inspiring tutorial. Get tutorial here

4. Light up your Bathroom with Elegant Sconces

Follow along as Tresha Armstrong teaches you how to craft elegant wall sconces using a humble bathroom plunger.

With a few simple steps and creative touches like metallic paint, you can create bespoke candle wall sconces that exude the luxurious ambiance of high-end establishments. Best of all, this project is affordable and allows you to transform your space without needing an expensive designer or costly products.

Get ready to achieve the designer look you've always longed for, all while staying within your budget. Get tutorial here

5. Build a Cozy Faux Fireplace

Becky from Boxwood Design Co has found a remarkable way to create a designer look without the need for an expensive designer or high-end products. Through her project on building a faux fireplace, she transformed a drab, outdated wall into a gorgeous focal point.

Using materials like 2x6 boards, plywood, and veneer, Becky skillfully constructed the fireplace frame, added support for a TV and mantle, built a sturdy hearth, and completed the project with a beautiful barn beam as the mantle.

In just three days, she achieved an impressive transformation that brings warmth and sophistication to any space. Get tutorial here

6. Stencil Your Old Tiled Floors

Discover the ultimate guide to stenciling your tile floors for less, brought to you by Cutting Edge Stencils.

Follow along with their step-by-step instructions to achieve a professional-looking tile floor without the need for a designer or expensive materials. Learn the secrets of floor preparation, stenciling techniques, and top coat application to transform your space into a stunning masterpiece.

Get ready to unleash your inner stencil pro and create a floor that will leave everyone in awe. Get tutorial here

7. Give Your Walls a Linen Fabric Texture

Discover how to create a stunning linen fabric wall finish with a DIY stencil tutorial. Follow along as Royal Design Studio shows you how to add color, pattern, and texture to your space without the need for a designer or high-end products.

With their step-by-step instructions and quality supplies, you'll be able to transform your walls into works of art. Get ready to bring a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your home decor. Get tutorial here

8. Add a Herringbone Brick Kitchen Backsplash

Step into the world of kitchen transformations with this stunning herringbone brick stenciled backsplash. Anne, the talented DIYer behind White Lace Cottage, found an affordable way to elevate her kitchen's design using Cutting Edge Stencils.

With the Herringbone Brick Allover Stencil and a mix of Heirloom Traditions Paint, she achieved a realistic brick-like texture. The result? A breathtaking backsplash that adds character and charm to her space.

Anne proves that a little creativity and the right tools can turn a drab kitchen into a fabulous masterpiece without breaking the bank. Get tutorial here

9. Makeover Your Kitchen Lighting With Shiplap

Introducing the stunning kitchen lighting shiplap makeover by Irma from My Creative Kneads.

Witness the incredible transformation of outdated 1980s ceiling lighting into a charming farmhouse-inspired design. Discover how Irma cleverly utilized affordable underlayment boards, a dry brush painting technique, and her impeccable DIY skills to create a designer look without breaking the bank.

Be inspired by her remarkable DIY project! Get tutorial here

10. Beadboard Your Kitchen Cabinets

Join Niky from The House on Silverado on a captivating journey as she breathes new life into her kitchen cabinets using beadboard.

Follow along as she takes you through the captivating process of transforming her cabinets. You will gain insights into the art of measuring, cutting, and painting the panels flawlessly.

Let Niky's meticulous attention to detail inspire you and uncover the seamless fusion of vintage charm and modern farmhouse style. Get tutorial here

11. Add Privacy and Style to Bathroom Windows

Let Kelly-n-Tony captivate you with their bathroom window revamp, where they ingeniously combine a screen panel and a frame to create a perfect balance of design, privacy, and fresh air.

Follow their simple process, from sourcing a beautiful screen to skillfully crafting a custom frame that fits the window. Share their experience as they carefully measure and trim the panel, expertly apply paint to the frame, and flawlessly piece together all the elements.

Dive into their creative story and be inspired to embark on your own designer bathroom project! Get tutorial here

12. Update Bathroom Walls With Trendy Board And Batten

Get inspired by Jamie's bathroom transformation as she gives her kids' bathroom a much-needed refresh with a budget-friendly board and batten wall.

Witness the simple yet stylish wall treatment that breathes new life into the space. Jamie shares the step-by-step process, from adding trim and applying a skim coat for a smooth surface to painting the walls with a fresh coat of white. Find out how she creatively utilizes lattice strips to achieve a charming board and batten look.

With attention to detail and clever spacing techniques, Jamie effortlessly creates a designer look in her home for less. Get tutorial here

13. DIY an Anthropologie Primrose Inspired Mirror

Create Your Dream Mirror on a Budget with this DIY Anthropologie Primrose Inspired Project.

Lauren Jamison repurposed an old bathroom mirror, built a custom frame, attached it securely, and added decorative appliqués for a designer look without breaking the bank.

Elevate your home decor with this stunning mirror transformation that proves luxury can be affordable. Get tutorial here

14. Craft a Boho Tassel Chandelier

In this DIY project by Emily from Shorely Cozy, discover how to create a stunning Boho Tassel Chandelier inspired by Anthropologie, all while staying within a $30 budget.

Follow the steps to wrap the frame with string, create tassels, assemble the hoops, and hang your beautiful chandelier for a touch of bohemian elegance in your home. Get tutorial here