Starry Night Luminary

Besides crazy skill, this masterpiece just takes a large bottle, paint, and string lights. Get tutorial here

Cozy Plaid Garland

Imagine cuddling into bed under the glow of these lights! That's the only way to spend winter. Get tutorial here

Shimmering Fairy Light Jars

This bright idea is so simple (you just need a jar!) but the outcome is just so gorgeous. Get tutorial here

Hanging Jar Lantern

Add glowing charm to your door by turning an armful of jars into a hanging lantern. Get tutorial here

Light Wrapped Wreath

Wrap a wreath ring in a string of lights and cover it with boxwood, for a winter glimmer. Get tutorial here

Sparkling Lighted Canvas

In case you missed doing this for Christmas, make a lighted canvas with a sweet message now. Get tutorial here

Rustic Scrap Garland

Give your home a soft rustic glow, using strips of burlap, jute & painter's cloth. Get tutorial here

Coffee Filter Twinkle Lights

You can make this one now - grab coffee filters from the pantry and make your home shimmer. Get tutorial here

Hula Hoop Chandelier

Wrap an old hula hoop in twinkling lights and string it up over your outdoor space, for a cozy chandelier. Get tutorial here

Shimmering Room Divider

Create a wall of light to block any unsightly spots in your bedroom or living space. Get tutorial here

Starry Headboard

Slip string lights behind a billowy curtain at the top of your bed for a romantic touch. Get tutorial here